Thursday, September 16, 2010

Halfway There

I am at the halfway point in my 30-Day no TV/no meat challenge. All is going well, thank you for asking. I am finding it all a surprisingly simple challenge to follow. Well, despite the few times at lunch when I was craving a turkey sandwich on a bagel from the bagel shop near my house. But, I didn't give in and had all the fixins on my wrap minus the turkey.

I knew this going into the challenge from eating mostly vegetarian before that I always have an exceptional amount of energy during the day while not eating meat. I can totally feel a difference that way as well as feeling less bloated. And although I would love to say that this has contributed to my face being extremely clear since I stopped eating meat, I am not 100% going to testify to this fact until I see prolonged evidence. Having read/heard that this could be the answer to bad skin problems, the verdict is still out on that one.

The TV thing I don't miss at all. I have read 2 books in the short time that I have turned off the TV and just started two more. I can honestly say that I much prefer a good read to watching the crap that television has to offer.

I already have enjoyed doing this challenge enough to brainstorm about possible other 30-Day Challenges in the months ahead. In fact, I have already planned another one for October. Don't worry, I will disclose the particulars of this challenge soon enough. More on that to come.

15 days to go...Yay me!

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chandy said...

way to go!
I'd love to see more of your veggie recipes if you'd care to share them. I tried your sweet potato enchiladas awhile back and they were delish!