Friday, September 24, 2010

Fire Station Tour

Last Friday my mom's group visited the local fire station for a tour. The tour was wonderful and the kids couldn't have been happier to be able to meet the firemen, see the trucks, get a glimpse of the living quarters and even spray water from the fire hose! Then they invited us in their "home" for a pot luck lunch complete with grilled hot dogs for everyone. I felt compelled to call a cleaning lady to come clean up after about 40 kids played on their recliners. Those guys will be finding crumbs there for weeks. It was a fun day had by all. Although I don't know who had more fun. The kids or the, ahem, moms. Just sayin.

Here are the kids listening to the firemen talk about fire safety. One of the firemen even dressed up in his gear complete with helmet, jacket, pants and oxygen mask. It gave the kids a chance to see that even with all that gear on, he still is the same guy and not to be afraid of them in an emergency situation. They all got to give the guy a "high five" once he was all suited up.

Here's Kaiden taking his turn using the water hose.

Here we are getting on the firetruck
And learning about all their equipment on the truck

And sitting in the shade looking pretty

And standing by the fire truck not cooperating for a picture

They even let the kids try on their fire helmets

We never did fully cooperate with mom who was desperately trying to get a decent picture in front of the truck.
But we had a blast none-the-less. Thanks station 142! You guys (and gal) were great. I'm sure your station will never be the same!


Jen Drew said...

Great post. What a fun morning we had there too!

Mee'ma said...

these pics tell a wonderful story of what a great & exciting day that must have been for the children as well as adults!

Great job by the local firemen....
they never cease to amaze, huh!