Monday, August 30, 2010

The Garbage Bowl

When I cook I make a mess. I am not the "clean up as you go" sort of gal. Wishful thinking. Making dinner should be an Olympic sport. Between preparing the meal, breaking up fights, calming crying children at my feet, hunting down wandering children that get into everything cleaning up as I go just. ain't. happening. Period.

But, because I cook from scratch most (if not close to all) of our dinners I found that I was making a huge mess of peels, vegetable guts/seeds, corn husks, packaging wrappers, paper towels, etc. all over my counter leaving me with little work room. Since my trashcans are not easily accessible right at my counter that I prepare food at I found myself making several trips back and forth to the trash. It gets to be quite inefficient with the rest of the chaos going on.

One night I had a mixing bowl on my counter that I hadn't put away from earlier in the day. As I was chopping up some items to throw in dinner that evening I started to throw the left over unusables into the bowl. Suddenly it dawned on me....Why didn't I think of this earlier?!?!? A garbage bowl! At last my counter was free of peels and garbage and all my trash was disposed of in one trip to the garbage can! I now use it pretty much every meal and, even though it's just a simple thing, it makes preparing meals that much easier!


Melissa Darby said...

Rachael Ray uses one of those all the time, it totally helps!!

Mee'ma said...

I have a bowl just like that T-love, so that should work out just fine when you come to visit next time!