Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Kaiden started preschool today in a "real" school. In January we had him enrolled in an in-home preschool with 3 other kids. It was a great way to get him used to leaving mommy and daddy in a new learning environment. He did EXCELLENT with that experience so we felt confident that he would be ready for a "real" school. We enrolled him at North Valley Christian Academy in their 2's program. Even though Kaiden is almost 3, with him having a late birthday he technically can't be in the 3's program quite yet. But, I think this will be just perfect for my little shy man as he needs time to really mature before he gets to the 3's. He was so excited and has been asking to "go to school peeease" ever since we visited and met his teacher last week. He just couldn't wait!

Here we are ready to walk out the door

Here's Kaiden standing outside his building
...And playing nicely before the final bell rings for school to start!

Good luck, buddy, on your first day! Mommy will be counting down the minutes until I can pick you up!

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