Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Travel Tools

A few months ago a friend and I took our kids to the Good Egg for lunch after their preschool class. As boys are, Kaiden and his friend were getting a bit anxious waiting for their food. Fussing in their chairs turned into hiding under the table, turning around and staring at the people in the booth behind us, jumping up and down on the benches, pulling the sugars and jellies out of their holders, and many other annoying mischief that two boys under the age of 4 can get into.

Almost ready to pack it up and haul our two crazies out of there, my friend reached into her bag and pulled out two of these:

Travel-sized Play-doh.

Instantly the boys settled down and started to play nicely and *gasp* quietly with their play-doh. I looked at her in pure amazement and vowed to nominate her for the "Mother of the Year" award as soon as I got home. Brilliant. Extremely brilliant.

Fast forward a couple months to yesterday when I was on the phone with her asking her if I could borrow a million DVD's to keep my kids busy on our plane flight. Cause I may or may not have mentioned that I am flying on Thursday on a FIVE HOUR plane ride with two kids ages 2 (and 3/4) and 13 months right at nap time. ALL. BY. MY. SELF. Stop me if you've heard that one before. Anywho, she ever-so-nicely reminded me of these gems and told me to head to Walmart pronto and pick up a few and throw them in my carry on for Kaiden to play with during the flight. Last night I went and bought a 10-pack. You know. Just in case.

So, I am armed with coloring books, a DVD player with a bajillion movies, a travel Etch-a-sketch, cars, cars and more cars, snacks and, of course, our play-doh. I am hoping (and praying) that helps our traveling to go somewhat smoothly. Although, at this point, I am afraid all I can do is expect the worst and hope for the best.

What am I forgetting? Are there any awesome moms out there with some kid-friendly travel ideas for me so that I show up to our destination with my sanity in tact?


chandy said...

I bet it will be better than you think. I always worry about flying with the kids, but it always goes pretty well. Plus, it's always so loud in the plane that the people around you won't even hear the little fusses. And since it's nap time, maybe they'll sleep!

My secret weapon is M&Ms. After they are bored with coloring, movies, Old Maid, cars, playing with their tray tables and seat belt, picking out their Christmas presents in Sky Mall, I whip out the candy to save the day!

Allison said...

I pack a kid sized backpack with super cheap crap that I always tell my kiddos I'm not buying them, ahem, I mean new small toys. I whip them out one at a time. It's like Christmas over and over again. :-D

YoMamma said...

I have all the faith in the world
in you & my precious perfect grand-children...I like the M&M's idea,
a winner for both Kaiden & Maddey!

I wish someone could take a video of you all during the flight...would be worth a few laughs maybe.....like the song "I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can"....Amen