Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday To-Do

Ugh. I have so much to do in order to go on our trip to PA on Thursday. The kiddos and I are flying to PA to stay with my parents for a month. And let's not even get started on the terror that lives inside of me while I anticipate a 5-hour flight in the afternoon conveniently situated right at nap time with two kids BY. MY. SELF. Yes. May God have mercy on me, please.

Anyways, my "to-do" list seems to be growing and growing and growing. And what I am I doing about it? Blogging. Procrastination has always been my strong suit. So here is a look at my ever growing list that I hope to accomplish in the next two to three days.

  • Work out
  • Take Paco for a walk
  • Find a friend with Toy Story DVD and borrow it (and any other movies that will keep us occupied for 5 hours)
  • Take Paco for a nail trim
  • Return library books
  • Wash
  • Pack
  • Change sheets on all beds
  • Clean baths
  • Charge DVD player
  • Change bank account info with Kaiden's preschool for fall
  • Mail Austin's birthday present (a month late! UGH)
  • Pay bills
  • Check-in baggage on US Airways
  • Return items to Walmart
  • Call Letti
  • Call Jeff
  • Mail Kaius' onsie
  • Return onsies for Maddey and get bigger size
  • Grocery shop so hubs has some food while we are gone
  • Go to the salon to buy hair products
  • Take Kaiden for a hair cut

So in between chasing my kids, breaking up fights, picking up their toys and making and cleaning up from breakfast/lunch/dinner I will be attempting to conquer my list. Good luck to me.


Allison said...

We have Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on dvd. You are welcome to borrow them.

chandy said...

Sounds busy!
I have to say that I finally made the sweet potato enchiladas you posted awhile back and they were SO good!! I'd love to see more of your tasty recipes!

Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

Hopefully you bring some cooler weather with you! The east coast is ridiculously hot right now. Safe travels!