Friday, June 11, 2010

Not Sad

When I pick Kaiden up from preschool we always have a conversation about how his day was. Today our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Kaiden what did you do in school today, buddy?"
Kaiden: "I cried."
Me: "You cried? When Daddy dropped you off? Why did you cry?"
Kaiden: "I don't know. Iss Ecky say dear Jesus pease Kaiden not sad?"
Me: "Miss Becky said a prayer? Dear Jesus please help Kaiden not to be sad?"
Kaiden: "Yes, Mommy."
Me: "That was nice, buddy. Did that help you not to be sad anymore?"
Kaiden: "Yes, Mommy."
Me: "You know you can always say a prayer and ask Jesus to help you whenever you need him because Jesus is always with you."
Kaiden: "Yeah. Jesus riiiight dare." (pointing to his heart)
Me: "That's right. Jesus is always in your heart."
Kaiden: "In my heart."

Then my heart officially burst into a million pieces from every ounce of his cuteness.

1 comment:

Mee'ma said...

OMG...I heart him!!!!
how precious is my bubba-licious...

I liked how Miss Becky handled
the situation...did you discuss it
with her?

give K.J. & M.C. xxxx's & oooo's