Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's In There Anyway?

Hubs is always pestering politely suggesting that I get a bigger purse because I can never close it properly and things are constantly falling out. Due to the fact that usually I have (a) one kid on my hip, (b) another kid holding my hand, (c) a diaper bag strapped to my back and (d) a purse slung on my arm I can't think of anything I want less in life than another large bag to hold me down.

Since I clean this bag out about never times per year I decided that while Kaiden was at preschool this morning and Madelyn was quietly napping I would use my time to organize the contents of my purse. Cause there is nothing I long to do more with my silent time than to organize. Or not.

Have you ever wondered what is inside other people's purses? Well I have, cause I am lame like that, and now's your chance to get a glimpse inside mine.

  1. 2 checkbooks. Because I used up all the checks in one and I am lazy haven't had a chance to file it away.
  2. 2 packs of tissues. We were all sick with sinus infections so I was running (no pun intended) through tissues like they were going out of style.
  3. Weekly planner.
  4. Hand sanitizer. Cause, ew. Germs.
  5. Case for my glasses
  6. Wallet. Even though my purse has a built in wallet in the front I use this small wallet for trips into the store or to shove into my diaper bag.
  7. Comb
  8. 3 hair bands. Because you never know when you might need one. Or three.
  9. 2 packs of gum. Trident and Extra. I have chewed Extra gum for YEARS, but I wanted to give the double flavor Trident a whirl. If you're's overrated.
  10. Compact mirror
  11. Movie ticket stub to "Remember Me." I went with a bunch of friends on March 12th. It wasn't that good of a movie so I don't know why I am keeping that around.
  12. Post-it notes and notepad. Cause I always find myself needing to write stuff down.
  13. Panty liner
  14. Listerine spray
  15. House/mailbox keys
  16. Pen
  17. Blue tooth. Which desperately needs charging.
  18. Gum wrapper. With an old piece of chewed gum in it. I don't even want to know how long that's been in there.
  19. $2 off coupon to Hallmark
  20. 3 different lip glosses. I'm actually surprised I haven't lost any of them. Yet.
  21. Glasses cleaner wipe
  22. 2 free movie tickets to Harkins. Which, by the way, they make impossible to use cause all the movies I have tried to use them for aren't eligible. Go figure.
  23. Keys to our safety deposit box.
  24. Plethora of grocery/retail store bargain cards. Don't you just HATE these things with a passion?!?!? I mean, really. Don't get me started.
  25. 2 business cards. One for my new best friend, my house cleaner.

So there you have it. The contents of my purse revealed. Exciting, huh? So, what's in your wallet?

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Mee'ma said...

while reading your extensive list of eyes wandered over to Miss Maddey's new picture!
Way to go, and she even has clothes on...