Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Day in the Life

Today was pretty much like every other busy day in my life. But for some reason about noon I took a deep breath and thought to myself, "Why do I feel like I haven't sat down or stopped moving since 6:00am?" Well, I'll tell you why. Because I didn't. Most of my days are this way. I get to the end of the day and wonder how I managed to find time to shower and eat. It's nuts. Nuts I tell you. Here's just a glimpse into how my day went today.

6:00am-Madelyn woke up. Changed her diaper.
6:30am-Fed Madelyn her morning bottle.
7:15am-Kaiden woke up. In a particularly bad mood. Remember he has been sick. Hubs changed his diaper and put on some clothes.
7:15-7:30am-Snuggled with Kaiden on the couch while he drank his morning juice.
7:30am-Kaiden ran into my bedroom, climbed in my bed and wanted to watch cartoons. Turned them on for him.
7:35am-Scarfed down a bowl of cereal.
7:40am-Put away dishes in the drainboard from the night before.
8:00am-Made oatmeal and fed Madelyn her breakfast.
8:30am-Put Madelyn down for a nap.
8:35am-Did dishes from morning breakfast and a few that we sitting in the sink from last night.
8:50am-Took a quick shower.
9:00am-Went to ask Kaiden if he wanted something for breakfast. Noticed he had pooped in his diaper. Went to grab a new diaper and wipes.
9:05am-Changed Kaiden's diaper only to find out that it was a "blow out" (remember he has been sick) and it got on the bed sheets and on his clothes.
9:10am-Changed sheets on bed, changed Kaiden's clothes, fed him a cereal bar and a juice box. Brushed Kaiden's teeth, brushed his hair and washed his face.
9:30am-Got dressed myself, put on minimal make-up and ran the blow dryer through my hair.
9:45am-Got diaper bag ready with bottle, snacks, refilled wipes container and grabbed a few toys/books.
10:00am-Madelyn woke up from her nap. Changed her diaper, got Kaiden's shoes on.
10:15am-Walked out the door to go to the Pediatrician's office for Madelyn's 9 month well check. Strapped Madelyn in then when I was getting Kaiden in noticed he pooped again. Run back into house to change the diaper.
10:20am-Off to the Pediatrician's office. Take two.

Whew. And it's only 10:20am. Moving on....

10:30am-arrived at Pediatrician's office. Taken back to the room. Took all vitals and proceeded to wait. And wait.
11:30am-Finally left the Ped's office and walked over to Sonora Quest since Madelyn needed blood work.
12:00pm-Got blood taken and started to head home.
12:30pm-Arrived home and started to make lunch. Changed Madelyn's poopy diaper. #1.
12:45pm-Feeding Madelyn and noticed that I had to change another poopy diaper. #2.
1:00pm-Put Kaiden down for a nap.
1:10pm-Take Madelyn in her room to put down for a nap. Notice that she has another poopy diaper. Change that. #3.
1:15pm-Rock Madelyn for a little then put down for a nap.
1:45pm-Kaiden starts crying. Go in and lay with him for a 5 minutes.
1:50pm-Clean up kitchen from lunch.
2:15pm-Kaiden gets up from his nap. Well, that idea is a wash. He is still cranky so he wants to lay in Mommy's bed and watch Elmo. Put movie on for him, check emails, log on to Facebook, read blogs, finish cleaning up kitchen, get bottles and dinner ready for babysitter to feed the kids.
3:00pm-Madelyn wakes up. Change diaper and play for a little bit.
3:30pm-Babysitter arrives. I leave. Run to the grocery store to quickly pick up fruits and veggies and a few odds and ends.
5:00pm-Arrive home. Make dinner for hubs and I.
6:00pm-Start to get Madelyn and Kaiden ready for bed.
6:30pm-Take Madelyn into bedroom. Feed night bottle and rock her for 5-10 minutes.
6:45pm-Put dishes in dishwasher, pick up some toys, gather up papers on counter, get changed into PJ's and get in bed while hubs puts Kaiden to bed.
7:15pm....catch up on emails, blogs, Facebook, etc, etc, etc, etc.....

And that, my friends, is a glimpse into my day. No wonder I can't get anything else done. Whew.


Allison said...

I feel your pain. Sometimes I feel like my day doesn't start until the girls are in bed for the night. I spend those few hours after they go down before I fall into bed to do what I couldn't get to during the day. My girls are older than yours, so it's not filled with diapers anymore (well, for the next two weeks at least). I do get busy with them that I have a bunch of things I can't get to until they are in bed. The life of a mommy, huh?

Mee'ma said...

What's left to do? You've done
everything a person could possibly
do in the course of a day...and done it quite timely & organized, I might add! Be Proud

It's funny how the house's same dust & dirt are still around, long after the kids have left.