Sunday, March 28, 2010

9 Month Update

Madelyn had her 9 month well check at the Pediatrician on March 10th. I am just writing this now because the Plague infested our home for a better part of the month. We seem to all be completely healed (fingers crossed) so hopefully those nasty germs have moved on for good. That specific week that we went for her well check we were at the office three times. Three times. I might as well have just set up a bed there, camped out and handed over my credit card to charge to their hearts content. I can think of so many better ways to spend $90.

So anyways, at Madelyn's well check she weighed in at a whopping 19lbs 11oz (53%). Her length was 30 inches (98%) and head circumference at 17.5 (63%). So, she still seems to be a large gal growing at record speeds.

Teething continues. And continues. And continues. It's neeeeever eeeeeeeennnnnnding. The whole month of February and March have been a nightmare in the teething department with fighting naps, excessive drooling and early morning waking. Buuuuuut, finally this morning she popped tooth #8, slept until 6:30am (instead of getting up at 5:15/5:30am) and has gone down for two naps without too much of a fight. That's the good news. The bad news is that I can still see/feel two molars trying to make their way through. So, unfortunatly, there is no relief in sight.

Just within the last month or so she has started to pull herself to a standing position. Previously she was very cautious about it but recently she has gotten braver and will pull up on anything and everything and seems to have lost that fear and uneasiness about it. There are even indications that she may be looking to "cruise" pretty soon. Actually today she stood right up in the middle of the room and balanced for a second or two before bending back down. She wasn't even holding on to anything! Again, another indication that walking is in the not-so-distant future.

It's funny how their personalities become apparent right around this time. And, I tell you, we are going to have a feisty one on our hands. She has to be right in the middle of everything going on. Don't dare leave her out cause she will crawl right over and work her way on your lap or stand in your face. And better not try to take a toy away from her, cause she won't have it letting you know her frustration by her death grip on the toy or by her loud protest. She is also a lover, though, and lays her head on Mommy or Daddy's shoulder when you hold her. We are working on giving "kisses" in which it is usually an open mouth, slobbery kiss, but I'll take that any day! And when you enter the room she smiles, laughs and bolts for you to give her some love. It's so cute!

Kaiden is somewhat adjusting to his sister being more mobile and playful. It's still hard for him to continue to share toys or allow her to get close to him without freaking out. But there are definite tender moments when he will comfort her when she is crying, give her random hugs and kisses or ask, "Where baby go?" when he can't find her. My favorite moments are when he is running into another room and stops, turns around and says, "Elyn, (cause he can't say Madelyn) let's go, Elyn. Let's go!"

I continue to treasure each day, even the bad ones, because it all passes too quickly. I love watching the two of them grow up and change daily. Being a mom is truly the hardest and best job I have had or will ever have. But I love every single second of it and feel truly blessed to have two amazing kiddos!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Day in the Life

Today was pretty much like every other busy day in my life. But for some reason about noon I took a deep breath and thought to myself, "Why do I feel like I haven't sat down or stopped moving since 6:00am?" Well, I'll tell you why. Because I didn't. Most of my days are this way. I get to the end of the day and wonder how I managed to find time to shower and eat. It's nuts. Nuts I tell you. Here's just a glimpse into how my day went today.

6:00am-Madelyn woke up. Changed her diaper.
6:30am-Fed Madelyn her morning bottle.
7:15am-Kaiden woke up. In a particularly bad mood. Remember he has been sick. Hubs changed his diaper and put on some clothes.
7:15-7:30am-Snuggled with Kaiden on the couch while he drank his morning juice.
7:30am-Kaiden ran into my bedroom, climbed in my bed and wanted to watch cartoons. Turned them on for him.
7:35am-Scarfed down a bowl of cereal.
7:40am-Put away dishes in the drainboard from the night before.
8:00am-Made oatmeal and fed Madelyn her breakfast.
8:30am-Put Madelyn down for a nap.
8:35am-Did dishes from morning breakfast and a few that we sitting in the sink from last night.
8:50am-Took a quick shower.
9:00am-Went to ask Kaiden if he wanted something for breakfast. Noticed he had pooped in his diaper. Went to grab a new diaper and wipes.
9:05am-Changed Kaiden's diaper only to find out that it was a "blow out" (remember he has been sick) and it got on the bed sheets and on his clothes.
9:10am-Changed sheets on bed, changed Kaiden's clothes, fed him a cereal bar and a juice box. Brushed Kaiden's teeth, brushed his hair and washed his face.
9:30am-Got dressed myself, put on minimal make-up and ran the blow dryer through my hair.
9:45am-Got diaper bag ready with bottle, snacks, refilled wipes container and grabbed a few toys/books.
10:00am-Madelyn woke up from her nap. Changed her diaper, got Kaiden's shoes on.
10:15am-Walked out the door to go to the Pediatrician's office for Madelyn's 9 month well check. Strapped Madelyn in then when I was getting Kaiden in noticed he pooped again. Run back into house to change the diaper.
10:20am-Off to the Pediatrician's office. Take two.

Whew. And it's only 10:20am. Moving on....

10:30am-arrived at Pediatrician's office. Taken back to the room. Took all vitals and proceeded to wait. And wait.
11:30am-Finally left the Ped's office and walked over to Sonora Quest since Madelyn needed blood work.
12:00pm-Got blood taken and started to head home.
12:30pm-Arrived home and started to make lunch. Changed Madelyn's poopy diaper. #1.
12:45pm-Feeding Madelyn and noticed that I had to change another poopy diaper. #2.
1:00pm-Put Kaiden down for a nap.
1:10pm-Take Madelyn in her room to put down for a nap. Notice that she has another poopy diaper. Change that. #3.
1:15pm-Rock Madelyn for a little then put down for a nap.
1:45pm-Kaiden starts crying. Go in and lay with him for a 5 minutes.
1:50pm-Clean up kitchen from lunch.
2:15pm-Kaiden gets up from his nap. Well, that idea is a wash. He is still cranky so he wants to lay in Mommy's bed and watch Elmo. Put movie on for him, check emails, log on to Facebook, read blogs, finish cleaning up kitchen, get bottles and dinner ready for babysitter to feed the kids.
3:00pm-Madelyn wakes up. Change diaper and play for a little bit.
3:30pm-Babysitter arrives. I leave. Run to the grocery store to quickly pick up fruits and veggies and a few odds and ends.
5:00pm-Arrive home. Make dinner for hubs and I.
6:00pm-Start to get Madelyn and Kaiden ready for bed.
6:30pm-Take Madelyn into bedroom. Feed night bottle and rock her for 5-10 minutes.
6:45pm-Put dishes in dishwasher, pick up some toys, gather up papers on counter, get changed into PJ's and get in bed while hubs puts Kaiden to bed.
7:15pm....catch up on emails, blogs, Facebook, etc, etc, etc, etc.....

And that, my friends, is a glimpse into my day. No wonder I can't get anything else done. Whew.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Last July Kaiden got tubes in his ears and, boy, what a blessing they have been. From the time he turned one (in October of '08) until July of '09 he had an ear infection every month before he got the tube surgery. Since then he has had one ear infection that cleared up with three days of drops. It's been 6 months since that ear infection and, much to our surprise, over the weekend he started running a fever. It has progressively gotten worse and last night spiked to 102. Not only that but it is accompanied by a violent cough and a runny nose. Needless to say that none of us have slept all that well the past two nights and a trip to the doctor's office this morning confirmed that the large amount of fluid draining from both ears was due to a double ear infection and sinus/upper respiratory infection. I hope these antibiotics kick in fast or we may start having hallucinations from lack of sleep.

Calgon take me away.

This really has no relevance to what I wanted to post today, but I thought you would enjoy living in my misery and/or say a quick prayer that Kaiden starts to feel better. Pronto. Poor baby. He just doesn't know what to do with himself.

Anyways, remember my quest for finding organic vegetarian/vegan recipes to serve my family (remember we are trying to go 70-80% in any one of these directions)? Well, it all has been going really well. Minus the one time or so a week that we have eaten meat because we still have some left in our freezer that we need to go through we have been pretty successful not eating the stuff and eating more veggies and fruit. I must admit that we already feel a whole lot healthier, less bloated and more energetic. So last night I made a new recipe called Sweet Potato Enchiladas. Oh my word. We love enchiladas at our house and I hated the thought of giving them up. So I found a few recipes for this and kind of threw a little of each recipe together to make my own. Try them. They are divine.

3-4 medium sized Yams (I like yams better than actual "sweet potatoes". Plus they are easier to find)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp chili powder
3-4 fresh garlic cloves, minced
4-6 flour tortillas
Large can of enchilada sauce
Shredded Cheddar or Monterrey Jack cheese
Black beans (canned is fine if you don't have time to make your own), drained and rinsed

Boil yams in large pot of water until tender. About 30 minutes. Drain and cool. Peel yams and place in a bowl. Mash to your liking. Add spices and garlic and stir until it is all worked into the mashed yams.
Pour a small layer of enchilada sauce on the bottom of a casserole pan. Spoon mashed yams onto a flour tortilla. Top with a layer of black beans, a spoonful of enchilada sauce and a handful of cheese. Roll up and place seem side down in pan. Do this with the remainder of the tortillas. (3 yams made enough for 4 enchiladas with a little mashed yams left over. I probably could have made another 1-2). Top with remaining enchilada sauce and cheese. Place in the oven at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Yummy! Enjoy! Come see our new site, Keepin' it Real, for more information and recipes using real food.