Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keeping Your Santity: The Doctor's Office

Yesterday I had to take Madelyn to the doctor's office to get checked out. She has been MISERABLE this past week with a runny nose and a whole mouthful of teeth ready to pop out. I just wanted to be sure that nothing else was going on like a ear infection or sinus infection so I made an appointment for her to be seen by the pediatrician.

All us parents know that a trip to the doctor's office can be struggle with one kid, let alone two or more. It is inevitable that they leave you waiting. Our appointment was at 10:30. They brought us back to the room at 10:35, took all the vitals and politely said, "the doctor should be only a few minutes." They closed the door and we proceeded to wait. And wait. And wait. Until finally around 11:00 the doctor came in.

Now if that was just me waiting in a room by myself, heck, I would love every single silent minute of it, but with two kids, stuck in a room the size of my coat closet, with nothing but a chair, a sink and a table, those 15-20 minutes of waiting can seem like an eternity.

We have always brought small cars or trucks along to help pass the time, and even a few small books to read. But recently I started carrying a small box of crayons that we got from a restaurant in my diaper bag. I have often found random situations where we are around paper that Kaiden asks to color on and I don't have anything except a pen from my purse. As I was trying to maneuver two kids in this minuscule space it dawned on me to pull out my crayons. What better way to waste time and use that long sheet of paper on the exam table then to color on it!!! Thanks to that I was able to keep my sanity intact and keep Kaiden busy!
And, yes, I brought my camera to the pediatrician's office :)


Kaye said...

Awesome idea!!!

Grandma said...

You are thinking like a true Mom...
"always be prepared" is our motto!

Way to go T-love!!!!
How is our little Maddey doing?