Monday, February 1, 2010


I have so many thoughts going on in my head lately and haven't had time to write a "real" post so I guess I am need of a true brain dump.
  • My precious baby started crawling last week. I know, where did the time go? She is almost 8 months old and tearing around this house like no body's business. She is also slightly trying to get herself to a kneeling position while she holds onto items. I think she will be an early walker for sure.
  • I would post a darling video that I shot on my camera of her crawling, but for some stupid reason blogger takes forever to upload videos (or it never happens at all) and I don't have the time (or patience) to mess with it all right now.
  • Speaking of where did the time go....I signed my other "baby" up for preschool for the fall semester. A local Christian school just started a 2's program last year, so Kaiden will go in that program starting in August. They work on colors, shapes, numbers, letters, have a "Jesus and Me" time, and even potty training. I think it will be great for him to have two mornings a week to get out while Madelyn is napping and learn, socialize and play. Sniff, sniff. I suppose it is preparing Mommy for the day when real school comes.
  • I think I finally found a reliable, trustworthy babysitter. She is a high school senior that will be going away to college in the Fall so I only have her for a few months. But she came over last week to meet the kids and sit down with us to chat. I seriously felt like she was my age rather than 17. I think she will be fabulous with the kids and finally hubs and I can have date nights or I can get a afternoon off to go run errands whenever I want!
  • I woke up yesterday morning with a huge pimple on my chin. It's absurd. I am an early 30 year old woman and I am still breaking out like a 13 year old teenager. Friggin' hormones.
  • Hubs and I alternate mornings to go to the gym before the kids get up and he leaves for work. I was supposed to go this morning, but I told him to go instead cause I had a pimple. Seriously. I didn't go to work out because I had a pimple. It's that scary.
  • I am feeling so overwhelmed lately. Like everything that I do around here is pointless. I clean up the toys and 5 minutes later they are everywhere again. I do the laundry and that night there is a pile forming again. I do the dishes from breakfast and 2 hours later there are more dishes piling up. So, I feel like "what's the point?" It's a funk that I go through every once-in-a-while. I'll get over it, but until then I like to wallow in my sorrows.
  • Oh my goodness. I am on the last book in the Twilight series. Oh. My. Goodness. You know that part when Bella and Edward....and Jacob.....and Bella and Rosalie...oh my goodness. So good. So good! I don't want it to end.

Okey dokey. I guess I better get back to my dishes and laundry and dusting and vacuuming and....

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Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

Congrats to Miss Madelyn! It is so scary how quickly they grow up. Maeve's only 12 days old and I'm already thinking she's getting too old too fast!
I also commend you for going to the gym. I haven't seen my gym in 2 years...sigh!