Monday, February 8, 2010

Craft Exchange

You have all heard of a cookie exchange, right? During the holidays I have participated in one for the past three years and had a blast stuffing my face sampling new recipes for bars, cookies, biscotti, etc. to use the following year. Well, today the mom's group that I am in organized a craft exchange. Same concept as a cookie exchange but done with crafts for the kids! What a wonderful idea to have a bunch of ready to make crafts on hand for when you are looking for something to do with the kiddos!

Here's how it works:
-First you will choose a craft to make. If you need some help coming up with something there are tons of websites that have great ideas.

-Next, gather up all of the materials required for the craft (enough to make one for each participant), and do any cutting, making templates, etc that is necessary. I made two different crafts to give out since I have two kids and even though Madelyn is not old enough now, I wanted some for her to hold on to for when she is ready to get crafty. Here are my supplies:
-Finally, bag the materials for one craft together with the instructions on how to complete it, the name of the craft and who made it labeled on the outside. Here is one craft all completed and bagged ready to give out.

The crafts don't have to be anything too elaborate. These are toddlers we are talking about. Here are the crafts that I planned for everyone: A magnetic clothespin caterpillar
and a hand print butterfly
-At the exchange, we passed out our craft kits to each participant, so that each person goes home with one of each craft that was made. We had 13 kiddos (including my 2) that participated so I now have 13 different crafts to pull from when we are looking for things to do!!!

I highly recommend putting together a craft exchange with your friends. There are even websites like Oriental Trading Co. that you can purchase pre-packaged crafts. Happy crafting!


Kaye said...

Great idea! Thanks for the info and how-to!

passport in my pocket said...

the caterpillar is adorable!