Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting Crafty

I have a new babysitter. She provides hours of entertainment for Kaiden, is available at a seconds notice and is pretty affordable. Her name is Telly Vision.

I must admit that I have been overusing my new babysitter, Telly. I know that I need to get some new ideas as to how to entertain my child. But, unfortunately it just seems easier right now to have Telly take over at random times during the day to help babysit so I can get things done. Unfortunatly with Maddey being on 2 naps we are stuck in the house most days in both the morning and afternoon, leaving only a few hours before lunch to get out of the house. When I am trying to feed Maddey, put her down for naps, get a shower, clean up the kitchen from breakfast/lunch, or any other task that needs to get accomplished Telly seems to keep Kaiden busy without the constant distraction of "Mommy, Mommy this, Mommy that" every 5 seconds.

Many times I had intentions of getting Kaiden involved in some simple craft projects that he might enjoy. Many times I would put art type things in my cart at the store, only to put it back right before checking out thinking to myself, "do I really want to torture myself like this?" But the more and more I thought about it I knew it was better than him sitting in front of the TV or aimlessly running around the house getting into things that he shouldn't be out of shear boredom. So, I decided this is my week to face those fears head on and attempt to become "crafty mom."

We went to Wal-mart yesterday with a few projects in mind. I bought a gingerbread house, playdough, some finger paints, molding clay and big pieces of paper to color on. While the kids were down for naps I went online and printed out a bunch of free coloring pages that I can pull from for times he gets clingy and I need to get dinner started or feed the baby. My goal is to do at least a couple crafty projects per week. It all sounds so great in my head, but we'll see realistically if that will happen.

Day one went off pretty well. Last week we went to a local shopping mall for "Lunch with Santa." *Side note: It wasn't really all that exciting, the music was super loud so my friend and I couldn't even talk to each other without shouting and the kids weren't that into it, so we ended up leaving a bit early.* But each kid got a goody bag that had a page of Christmas stickers and a Christmas scene to stick them on. On Sunday we were looking for things to do after dinner, so I pulled the stickers out and we spent a good half hour having fun letting Kaiden stick them all over the page. Here is Kaiden's attempt to decorate the scene.

With some left over stickers and a coloring page that I printed off the Internet, yesterday Kaiden colored Santa and used up the remaining stickers.

(you can't really see where he colored, but I assure you, he used his crayons!)

With two successful art projects under my belt I was feeling pretty optimistic about my new crafting activities and wanted to tackle the Gingerbread house this morning. That was just a disaster from the start. I had to mix the icing up with the electric mixer which freaked Kaiden out. Then as I was trying to put the icing on the roof it was not sticking correctly so I had to use my fingers to slather it on. Then Kaiden was attempting to stick the tiny balls on but they were really small and kept falling out of his fingers (they were falling out of mine as well) and Paco was trying to eat them. Then the icing was setting really fast so the candy was not sticking in the icing well so he decided to just eat the gum drops instead. Finally after about 10 minutes Kaiden gave up and went off to play with his toys leaving me to finish the project. I was doing pretty well until the end when Kaiden came back to the table to see my progress. He picked up the bag of small candy balls and they spilled all over the floor going EVERYWHERE! I yelled, "Oh shoooooot!" and ran around with my dust pan and brush trying to get them out from under everything! Thank goodness for my choice of "shoot" and not "sh*t" cause Kaiden has been saying, "oh shoot" ever since.

Regardless of my failed attempt at the craft for today, I am looking forward to my next project that I am going to use as a few Christmas presents for the grandparents. Also, if you have any simple crafty projects good for a two year old, feel free to pass them along!

Stay tuned!


Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

This blog is really good:
I have the link on my page. I like how the author uses a book for inspiraton. Most of the crafts are fairly simple and require little prep.
Mo is really into coloring right now. I mean COLORING over top of the things she has colored the day before. Very abstract- but adorable!

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