Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleeping Through the Night

So my little goober pie is 5 months old and, at this point, is still not sleeping a full 12 hours though the night despite my best efforts. Kaiden began sleeping through the night at 4 months with the help of the cry-it-out method. He cried one night for 2 1/2 hours and the next night for one hour and ever since he has been an amazing sleeper, hardly ever fighting us going to bed and/or naps. He still sleeps a good 10-12 hours at night and takes a 2-3 hour nap each afternoon.

So here we are at month 5 and at a major decision time with regards to Miss Madelyn's nightly sleeping habits. For the most part she is a good sleeper at night. Usually going to bed at 6:30pm, waking for one feeding anywhere from midnight to 4am, going right back to sleep and sleeping until 6 or 7am. So, all in all, she is getting a good nights sleep and isn't too much of an issue. The only problem is that this Mama is ready for a full night's sleep without interruption. It seems like forever ago that I actually woke up feeling rested, charged and ready for a full day ahead of me.

At our last doctor's appointment (her 4 month check -up) the pediatrician indicated that there is really no nutritional need for her to be feeding at night and is certainly able to go the full 12 hours. And I know this to be true since she has actually slept 12 hours on her own a couple times, few and far between, but she has done it none-the-less. So now that we are back from PA, readjusted to our time zone, back in our own beds, and back in our routine we've decided it's time that Madelyn learn to sleep through the night.

I decided Saturday night was the night I was going to let her cry-it-out. I was mentally prepared to endure what could potentially be a few hours of screaming, I was geared up with my ear plugs and ready to pray my way through a night of crying. Well, wouldn't you know it, that little bugger went to bed at 6:30pm as usual and didn't wake up until 6am! I, on the other hand, woke up at 2:30am in disbelief that I still hadn't heard a peep from her and continued to do what any sleep deprived mother would do in my shoes. Stare at the ceiling and keep myself awake for the next 3 hours with random thoughts shuffling through my mind.

"I can't believe that she hasn't woken up yet. So, if she wakes up now and, God forbid, starts crying for the next two hours then that still gives her about an hour and a half of sleep cause I am not going to get her before 6am. But wait, maybe I should go and check on her. What if she isn't breathing? Oh, stop. I am sure she is fine. But maybe, just maybe, I should go check on her anyways. I should really get back to sleep. I am wasting the gift of a good night's sleep by thinking...Kaiden sure did have a good time on those go-carts today at Jack's birthday party. I would love to have a piece of land like that so we could ride some SUV type things. I have to remember to get air in my tires tomorrow. It's only been a week since the stupid light in my car went on. Maybe I should just get up and blog about all this so I can go back to sleep. Wait. Was that a peep from Maddey? Nope. That was just Paco barking at someone in his sleep. I sure wish that Christian wouldn't snore every. single. night. I really need to start my Christmas shopping. Nothing like waiting till the last minute every year. I always say I won't do that and every year it's the same scramble to get packages in the mail. I am really uncomfortable. Got to flip to the other side. I need a new body pillow. This one is too flat. What if Madelyn wakes up at 4am? Do I just let her cry until 6am then go and get her?...

...and on and on went my mind.

So, you see, although everyone else in my house got a wonderfully sound night of sleep, and although I was handed that gift of ZZZzzz's, I didn't cash in because my mind was in overdrive. Holy frustrating.

But, little one didn't let that one full night of sleep last too long as last night she woke up at 10pm. She cried for 10 minutes and settled back down. I thought, "that's it? That wasn't so hard after all!" But, 20 minutes later she cried for a half hour, settled down for a half hour then started back up again. I don't know exactly how long she cried cause I put my ear plugs in my ears and turned off the monitor. Luckily, I was able to go back to sleep probably because I was so sleep deprived from the night before. I did wake up at 2:30am (apparently that's my witching hour to awake) and didn't hear her crying. She continued to sleep until 6:15 this morning in which I rushed in at the first little cry and rescued her from the torture!

Hopefully tonight she won't cry too much or too long and hopefully this is the beginning of some much needed sleep for the whole family cause, boy, do we need it!


Melissa Darby said...

Stick to it my friend, I didn't let Morgan cry it out until she was 13 months old and it was awful!! I kept thinking that she would figure it out, and so she cried for 3 hours for like 3 nights and then we went down to 2 hours for a night or 2. She is pretty much sleeping through the night, but she is still not a great sleeper. Good luck!

chandy said...

Ugh...I used to have those nights of laying in bed for hours thinking about things. I now have a strict policy of taking a tylenol PM if I feel like i'm still restless after 30 minutes of laying in bed. I hate to see you waste precious sleeping hours!!

Allison said...

Hang in there. She will get it. I never let my kids cry it out. They just figured it out eventually. All the research I did said that it's more of a neurological thing than a nutritional thing (except for newborns, of course). Hopefully she will get it soon for your sake. Natalie was up every 2 hours until 10 months old, but now she is an awesome sleeper. Ebee only woke up once a night by a month or two (never more than twice a night from birth), but she continued that until she was around a year. My grandma told me my aunt never slept through the night until she was 5 years old. My mom slept through the night her first night home from the hospital. So, every child is different. Hang in there. It will end someday. She's still little.