Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that 8 weeks after having a baby I am back to my pre-preggo weight and can fit into my pre-preggo shorts.
The bad news is, that during this pregnancy I got flab and cellulite in places that I didn't think was possible. That issue seriously needs some addressing.
And, if that news wasn't bad enough, the worse news is that I seriously have no time to even think about heading to the gym.

The good news is that Madelyn slept 6 hour stretches the past three nights.
The bad news is, it took some modified "cry it out" sessions and that 6 hour stretch, according to the "experts," is considered "sleeping through the night."

The good news is that July is over and we are one month closer to the Fall weather around here.
The bad news is that this July felt like it was about 150 gazillion degrees and officially was named "the hottest July in Phoenix history." I can't wait to see what records we break for August.

The good news is that since Kaiden's ear tube surgery three weeks ago the doctor said there is no more sign of infection and no more fluid in his ears. His words, "you should have a whole new kid now."
The bad news is that he is now cutting those two year old molars and earning him the title of Mr. Cranky Pants.

The good news is that Kaiden is going to be switching to his "big boy" bedroom soon so that I can free up the crib for Madelyn.
The bad news is that Kaiden is going to be switching to his "big boy" bedroom soon. Wait, didn't I just say that? Seriously, I am super nervous of the thought of him not being in his crib anymore. Besides that fact that it means my little boy is growing up. *sigh*

The good news is that we have two play dates this week.
The bad news is that I offered to host them. That means 5 toddler boys running through the house getting into everything that toddler boys can get into. And the aftermath...don't get me started.

Okay, I actually think that I have some, dare I say, free time now since all seems to be quiet here. Wow, I never thought I could enjoy the sound of nothing so much. I am off to do, well, nothing. And I am going to enjoy every second of it.

Good night!

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chandy said...

I was very nervous about the transition to the big kid bed too...but it actually was way easier than I thought it would be.

And I have to say Madelyn is too stinkin' cute. I just want to snuggle her and sniff her head! (I know that's a bit weird...I like smelling babies' heads though...)