Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Thoughts: Cupcakes, Jimmies and Belly Buttons

It's hump day. Not that the days of the week mean anything to me anymore. Heck, everyday is a weekend. Or not. Cause actually, when you have kids, weekends don't exist. You are on call 24/7.

So, last night, when I should be soundly sleeping in between feedings, I was wide awake. Yep. Thinking about random things. And of course, instead of getting up and blogging right then and there to get them off my chest, I laid there. Awake. Then it was time for the next feeding. Ugh. I hate nights like that.

Anyhoots, here are some of the randomness that was going on in my head:
  • Yesterday I ate a cupcake when I should be watching what I eat. Okay, since I am confessing and all, I actually had two. With chocolate icing and sprinkles on top. And if I really want to get honest here, I had two the day before too. Then I had chocolate milk around dinner time. Oh, and a piece of Ghiradelli chocolate for dessert. And I wonder why I couldn't sleep last night?
  • On the east coast we called them jimmies. Not sprinkles. I think the first time I went to get ice cream out here in the desert and ordered "jimmies" the guy at the ice cream parlor looked at me like I had two head and said, "Umm, excuse me?"
  • I am not a huge fan of the infant stage. I am realizing that. If babies could come out about 6 months old, sleeping through the night, ready to crawl with a full-on grill, dude, I'd consider having a small litter. Until then, notsomuch. I think I am done having babies.
  • Ask me in about a year, right around the time I get the "baby itch" and I may have a different answer.
  • That said, I think that I have the two most amazing children. Ever. I'm blessed.
  • This flippin' heat makes me miserable. I really hate to harp on the Phoenix summers, but for. the. love. It really makes me irritable. Even I don't feel like being around me in the summer.
  • My belly button looks really weird now after having babies. I used to have a cute belly button. All small and dainty. Now it has taken on a crater-like existence on my stomach. Ho hum. At least I don't have stretch marks, I guess.
  • I am making chicken enchiladas for dinner. Then tomorrow night I am having Lasagna rolls. Yum-O.
  • Kaiden started this screaming type behavior when he is frustrated or not getting attention. This has thrown me into the actual "parenting" phase with him as I have to start implementing some real discipline. Time outs could be a regular occurrence around here.

Okay. Now that I got that all off my chest, I am hoping that I can sleep soundly tonight. After I take 2 hours to get Maddey to bed. And watch SYTYCD. Wish me luck.


Allison said...

If it makes you feel any better, my belly button is strange too. :-)

Oh, and not much to do with the post other than you mentioned watching SYTYCD, but did you LOVE Ade and Melissa's dance about breast cancer? Oh.My.Word. I cried. I felt less odd when I saw Melissa crying (and then the judges and everyone else in the audience too). I thought it was cute how her husband was trying so hard to keep it together. You can tell he is so proud of his wife.

Kaye said...

Since everyone is commenting on their bellybuttons, my now has a nasty scar. No one told me when I had it pierced 10 years ago that when I had children that the scar would stretch to be all weird and funky. Sigh...

I understand about the infant stage. I am so trying to cherish it right now although it's not my favorite time...I'm trying to remind myself that this these days will soon be gone forever.

I also understand the "watching what you eat" thing. I've been losing the baby weight easily while eating everything I wanted. That's slowed down now, so regretfully I need to be more attentive now. Sigh...

Loved reading this post. I personally love random thought type posts from people. It seems to be more natural.

Trish said...

Never know how much you love sleep until you're not getting any.

Here's what we tried and it's worked like a dream... courtesy "Happiest Baby on the Block" the 5 "S"s

Swaddle, Side/Stomach laying, Swinging, Shhhing, and Sucking. Done with vigor and persistence we've got our two month old sleeping 7-9 hours in a stretch.

We started out swaddling when he first came home but gave it up because we were feeding round the clock and he didn't seem to need it. Now that the pediatrician said we can try to get him to sleep through the night we have started swaddling again. Occasionally we add the swinging and shhshing (or a lullaby) and once we needed to add the sucking but he's been sleeping these long stretches for a week now!

Good luck getting more sleep. I've been there done that. Sleep makes me feel human.

Until then, enjoy the jimmies regardless of the funny looks.

My belly button doesn't look to wierd but I do have a weird strip down my stomach. I've been loosing weight well with the breast feeding and all, but I am still at the can't fit in my pre-pregnancy pants comfortably and can't wear maternity pants stage. I am eating as per usual- healthily without stressing about it. Starting to feel like I can begin to get more active though.

I am enjoying the infancy stage though it is going too fast but I can't even imagine having another child now despite the fact that I know we want one!!!

Hugs to you and yours!