Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Things Baby

So what else do you talk about when you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your newest addition?

Anyways, there has been a lot going on in our household and for some reason I haven't had a minute to blog myself, or even get a chance to read other's blogs. So I have a ton to catch up on! I feel so out of touch with the outside world that I hardly know what day it is or what I had for breakfast this morning. But I am sure that it probably wasn't that good for me as I am trying to savor all the ooey gooey goodies that I can while I am still can. Cause it's gonna be back to eating right and working out as soon as this mama delivers.

So, where do I begin? Hmmm....well, let's start with this past Tuesday at my baby shower! A friend of mine called me the previous Tuesday and said that she wanted to throw me a shower but time was getting slim. Besides the fact that I was still on semi-bed rest and didn't know when and where she was going to do it. So, she asked if we could have it here at my house...the next Tuesday night! Talk about last minute planning! But, hey, I am usually up for anything, so I gave her the green light. I didn't have to do a thing except be ready for the guest to show up at 6pm. Simple.

It ended up being a wonderful evening and tons of fun! I must say that our little girl will surely be the best dressed in town. How fun are baby girl clothes?!?!?!

Then on Thursday I had my weekly OB appointment. I was to get my LAST progesterone shot. Can I get an AMEN?!?! At this appointment I found out that I am 1cm dilated all the way through and 50% effaced. So just increasing my activity from the previous week has pushed me right along and things are starting to happen. Who knows though, I could stay this way for a couple weeks, but then again we could be welcoming her into the world any day now. And although I am officially back to "regular activity" she does want me to take it easy a bit to at least try and make it to Wednesday when I will be 36 weeks.

Yesterday we went crib and stroller shopping. Yes, we still don't have a place for this little one to rest her tiny head except for the pack and play that we will probably use for the first few months. It's all so overwhelming to me. This crib does this. This dresser has 5 drawers compared the 7 small/non-functional drawers on this dresser. This stroller weighs more than you and me combined but is a front to back style while this stroller sits side-to-side and doesn't have cup holders. My head is spinning. It's all too much. And, seriously, what did people do before double strollers?

All in all I think we are pretty ready. The bags are packed and ready to go. And dare I say that we even have a name picked out! I think hearing the "you are 1cm and 50% effaced" bit helped us to finally get our butt in gear and narrow down our options. And wouldn't you know it, it's gonna be the name that we liked right from the very beginning but were too afraid to "commit" to.

So now we just sit and wait. And hopefully stock up on sleep. Cause we all know that will be a looong time before we get a good night of 8 uninterrupted hours of some shut eye.

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