Saturday, May 30, 2009

Essential Baby Products

In the past few weeks, and especially days, I have been "nesting." Yep, getting all the baby things back out that have been hiding in the back of our garage. Washing all the new girlie clothes and cleaning and organizing every space of this house in preparation for our little one's arrival. Even though I have been through this all before, it still amazes me all the little things that a tiny baby requires. Of course there are items out there that some of think is "essential" but I tried to keep it to a minimum and only buy things if we absolutely felt we could get through the baby phase without them. I mean, really, you could go absolutely insane "thinking" you must have this, you must have that only to really find out that it was a waste of money. I thought I would compile a list of the top 5 items that I felt were "must haves" during the infant stage.

Dr. Brown's bottles
Kaiden seemed to be very gassy from the beginning and after trying several different formulas we finally settled on a lactose free one that seemed to keep most of his spitting up at a minimum. We still had to stop him every 2 ounces or so to make sure to get burp up before finishing the bottle. Otherwise...forget it...we would be wearing the whole dang thing in a few minutes. At first I wasn't too concerned with the name brand of bottles and mostly just stuck with the cheapies from the drug store. As I started to get out more around other moms with infants and saw the EVERYONE was using Dr. Brown's bottles I started to do a little research. In a desperate attempt to curb my son's spit ups, I broke down and bought a few and ended up kicking myself because I didn't buy them sooner. Although he still had issues with spit up, these bottles seem to make the whole feeding experience sooo much better as he was not getting so much air. In my opinion, a must have.

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags
I mean honestly, with all that is going on with your newest addition who wants to stand there every night and boil a pot of water to soak your bottles in? With these bags, you add 2-3 oz of water and plop all the bottle (and pump tubing) into them. Microwave for 3-4 minutes and all the little germies are killed. A time saver in my opinion. They were also fantastic when we traveled as the hotels that we stayed in had a microwave for easy sterilization of all Kaiden's bottles.

Cheap wash cloths
Instead of going out and buying expensive "burp cloths" I went to Walmart and spend $3.00 on a pack of 18 white wash cloths. We used these for spit ups since they were pretty frequent around these parts. I have continued to use them for drool, washing up after a meal, tears, bloody lips, boogery noses and always have one in the diaper bag for things that get all over. Now, don't get me wrong, they are certainly not the softest thing you can use, but as long as you are wiping excessively on their face, then they certainly serve a purpose. For a fraction of the cost.

Bouncy seat
A life saver for me. We have the Rain forest Bouncy seat by Fisher Price. A friend of mine gave this to us when Kaiden was about 4 months old. I couldn't believe that I had lived without it for that long. This particular one has animals that move and lights and music that plays. It was a savor for me while I got a shower, made dinner, did some laundry, etc. Kaiden would be fascinated with this for a long duration of time. I am assuming that it is much better than the bouncy seats that just have a few stuffed animals hanging from them. The kid would definitely get bored with that after a short time.

My theory is that you can never have enough onsies. Especially in the newborn/early infant stage. With all the spit ups, leaky diapers, formula spills, drool and, eventually, food dribbles I was always changing Kaiden into a new onsie. And here in Arizona, in the dead of summer, there is not much else that anyone would want to wear. Make a onsie in an adult size and I'd be a happy camper. Not particularly stunning to look at, but a happy camper none-the-less.

So there you have it. If you are having a baby in the near future, don't get wrapped into all the items out there that you think you must have. In the end, the kid won't know the difference and you will definitely get by without them.


Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

Glad to hear the little one is still cooking!
I am a fan of prefold cloth diapers for burp cloths/spit up. I think the first few months we had those in every nook and crannie of our house.
Love the new pic of Kaiden. He looks so big!

chandy said...

Couldn't agree more on the onesies. That's about all my two summer babies wore!

I always have to give a plug for the Primo Euro Tub baby bath tub. The thing is ginormous (we stored ours inside the guest bath tub) but it made bath time a breeze. After trying many different variations of bathing babies, I wish I'd gotten that thing sooner!

Allison said...

We did the minimalist approach to Natalie too. I decided that our moms got by with less, so I could too(plus, when it's your first, you can dedicate tons of time to their every wish).

For Eboni, we had an opposite outlook. We had much more gear with her -- co-sleeper (awesome!!), Fisher Price Soothing Motions Glider (seriously the best baby item ever!), new bouncy seat (the old one was not interesting for Natalie), tummy time pillow and so on (already had a swing and floor play mat thing). It helped so much the second time to have the gear. I didn't have the ability to constantly hold (without a sling) Eboni when I had Natalie to chase who was barely 2. The gear was a life saver for me.

I'm excited to hear of your little girl's arrival. I am thrilled that after all the stress of bedrest, you got to carry her to term. Yippee!

Allison said...

I think it sounds like I said that I was excited she was already here. Apparently I can't form a proper sentence. Sorry...I look forward to hearing of your little girl's arrival. ;-)