Friday, April 24, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Week 32

I can't even believe that I have actually made it to 32 weeks. The past couple of weeks have been somewhat of a nail biter, but all in all I am feeling good. Even though I turned 32 weeks on Wednesday I wanted to wait until today to post after I got all the news back from my OB and the testing.

Each week has brought pretty good news from my OB. So far I have not had any additional cervical changes and all my Fetal Fibronectin's have been negative. Today was the "big day" when I found out, officially, that I can increase my activity a bit and be able to get up and about for a few hours per day. I did that today, and I must say that a few hours is all I can even handle at this point. Having been in bed for so long I seem to get light headed and weak after only a short period of activity. So, week by week, as long as we continue on this path she will let me do more and more until 35 weeks when she says I can pretty much resume normal activity as I will be far along enough that the baby will have met all of the major milestones.

My Dad arrived last week and has been a huge blessing! Kaiden has kept him super busy and I get the feeling that is a little more work then he originally thought. No one truly understands what it means to have the "job" of being a stay-at-home parent until they are actually thrown into it.

I have graduated from using 3 pillows at night to 4. One for my head. One body pillow on one side, another at my back and one to hug. I still wonder how hubs finds room in the bed. Sorry honey! Even with all those pillows there are many nights I find myself tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position. Ugh. I am not used to being this pregnant!

As of last Thursday I still weighed in at 144 lbs. This has been the same for the past 4 weeks. So, doc said, "Eat. More." Not that I haven't been eating, I guess I just have never been a huge eater. Especially now when I feel like I get full so much quicker. But since then, I think I have had ice cream almost every other night. With whipped cream. And chocolate sauce. And cherries. Yum. I think I will have some right now. It seems to have paid off since yesterday I weighed in at 146 lbs. Thanks Ben. Thanks Jerry. Doc was proud of me.

So all in all we just keep going on this path and see how much further it leads us.

Here I am at 32 weeks preggo. Don't mind my ugliness. That's what happens when you can't do anything to yourself except jump in for a quick shower.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cheesesteaks, Sickies and Ballroom Dancing: Random Tuesday Thoughts

I have been MIA from the blogging world for the past week. But, believe me, I have had a hell of an excuse. So, I am over it and ready to randomize my thoughts.
  • My goal for next year is to make it on Dancing With The Stars. I heart that show. I mean, come on, if they took that guy from "Jackass" and deemed him a "celebrity" then they will certainly take lil ole me. Right? I basically just want to get on there long enough to learn the Ramba. That dance is so sexy, eh?
  • Kaiden has been recovering from the flu and an ear infection which started last week. He started running a low grade fever last Monday. It finally got bad enough and hubs took him to the doc on Wednesday. Actually his fever just broke yesterday afternoon. It was awful. I seriously thought that we were gonna have to run to the hospital if it didn't go away. But today he seems to be almost back to his old self. And guess what? He managed to get mama sick in the process. Thanks buddy. I owe ya one. Good thing is that I am starting to feel a lot better today. Minus this nasty cough that is hovering in my chest.
  • I got another clear from the OB on Friday. No cervical changes and a negative FFN. I just have to make it 2 more weeks with no changes and she said she would increase my activity a bit. Fingers crossed. Cause mama needs to get movin'. This lying around all. day. long. is for the birds.
  • My Dad is flying in from PA tonight. Reinforcements are finally coming and it couldn't come at a better time! I am sure Kaiden will love having G-pa here. And I hope he did his cardio before he gets here cause he is going to be busy, busy, busy.
  • After I have this baby and hopefully can make it back into my size 4's within 3 months (what? If the Hollywood stars can do it, so can I. Right?) then I want to go on "What Not To Wear." After watching every episode at least 10 times each I am fully convinced that I am "fashionably challenged." Stacy and Clinton, come save me. Oh, and bring me your $5000.
  • I totally want to eat a Philly Cheesesteak. The other night I was watching a show on the Food Network or Travel Channel (I can't remember which) that focused on the "best places to get a steak" and they featured Philadelphia's own Geno's and Pat's Steaks. Oh, Philly steak sandwich with Whiz, how I miss you....let me count the ways. Throw a Philly soft pretzel on the side, a Yuengling Lager to wash it down and a Tastykake for dessert and I am pretty sure that is what heaven serves for dinner every Friday night.
Okay...if you are looking for more randomness this fine Tuesday visit Keely at the Un Mom.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Today is Tuesday and I am feeling a little "random" today. So, here is my sad attempt to make an interesting post out of all my randomness...

  • Remember when I made fun of the lady that came to the vet and said she needed an appointment for her dog to get an anal cleanse done? Welp, hubs had to take Paco to the vet yesterday cause he has not been himself lately. He has been licking is rear end and dragging it along the floor. Not to mention that he has been laying in bed all. day. long. He is usually attached to my side no matter where I am, but not the past couple of days. So, the vet said he had an infection in one of his anal glands. They did an anal cleanse and gave us some antibiotics to clear up the infection. I guess I will no longer be making fun of anyone that takes their dog to the vet for an anal cleanse. Who knew?!
  • This little princess has been getting the hiccups a lot lately. At first I didn't realize that was what it was. Then it dawned on me after I felt this rhythmic nudging in the same place for like 10 minutes....she's got the hiccups! She has been getting them every day now a couple times a day. I can't help by smile when it happens.
  • Does anyone "get" Twitter? I am trying it out, if nothing else, to satisfy my curiosity and, I'll be honest, I still don't get it. It's like Facebook status updates without all the fun of Facebook. Sure you can "follow" some pretty ridiculous people and see what they are up to. But for the most part, I think that I would rather stick to Facebook.
  • Yesterday I drank a gallon of water. For real. I seriously thought I was going to float away. I don't know if I actually accomplished this task more for the bragging rights or for the freedom it gives me to actually get out of bed to use the restroom every half hour. Either way, that's a lot of dang water.
  • I soooo want one of those I-phone things. I see the commercials of what that little bad boy can do and I have fully convinced myself that it will make my life easier. Despite not really having the need to print anything from my phone, ring up a credit card, track Fed Ex packages or expect that I will need to hang anything in my house and be at a loss to where my "level" is. I still think that I need one. Or maybe I have just been watching too much TV.
  • I never in my life wanted to clean my house as badly as I do right now. And I never, in a million years, thought those words would ever flow so freely from my lips. It has been killing me to watch the dust slowly grow inches thick on everything. And my bathrooms, ick. Don't get me started. They soooo need some major TLC. It takes all my will power to not get out of bed and do a major cleaning. But, being the good bed rest patient that I am, I have decided to enlist the help of my friend. Bless her heart. She is going to clean my house today after she brings Kaiden back for his afternoon nap.
  • I have to have an ultrasound on Wednesday just to make sure the this little lady is growing properly. I fully intend to ask them to please make sure that she is still a girl. For the third time. I don't know why, but I have visions of me delivering this kid and them shouting, "Congratulations, it's a boy!" and being like, "No sorry, you must have the wrong baby there cause we were told we were having a girl." Maybe it's just that 10 weeks after finding out the sex of this baby it still doesn't seem real!
So I think that will do it for now. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, April 3, 2009

One Week Down...

Basically this bed rest thing has me at a loss for an exciting topic to blog about and has me blogging about nothing except me on bed rest. Cause, let's face it, what is exciting when you are on bed rest?

Let me just start by saying that it is B-O-R-I-N-G. Boring with a capital "B." Oh my goodness. But in order get through this I have to find the positives in it at some point. So, even though I am bored out of my mind and even though I would probably rather jab my eyeballs out with a dull knife then lay here all day, I will say that it is far better then me being in the hospital on bed rest. At least I have my own shower, toilet, bed and couch. Oh, and food. At least I can watch a movie, surf the Internet, and open the windows for some fresh air. I joked with my OB this morning that I am trying to find all the positives about doing "nothing" all day long. I told her that this may be the one and only time for the next 18 years that I will have this much "me" time, so I better enjoy it while I can.

So our schedule seems to be in order and the week went surprisingly smooth. Our dear friend has been so kindly watching Kaiden in the mornings for us. She either picks him up here at the house, or hubs drops him off in the morning. He plays there for a few hours and she drops him back off here at home by 12:30 all fed, changed, exhausted and ready for a nap. She puts him down and he dozes off for the next 2-3 hours giving me time to reluctantly find my way back to bed for the afternoon. Hubs usually makes it home by 3:00. Just in time to get changed, relax with me for 5 minutes then get Kaiden up from his nap.

This schedule has really worked out well for us. And due to our friend's financial situation it gives her a chance to make a few extra bucks on the side while we have the comfort of knowing he is great hands. It's been a blessing.

My Dad, however, was forced into retirement a few months early due to the lack of work in his field. So, fortunately for us, he has booked a one way ticket to come and stay with us for as long as we need him. He will be arriving the Tuesday after Easter. This will be a HUGE help to us and Kaiden will just LOVE having Grandpa around to play with.

I am really proud of the way hubs has been handling this new load of responisibility. He has really stepped up to the plate to take on the extra work. I know he has so much stress at work and the pressure of providing for his family, but he comes home every day with a smile on his face ready to take on the task of being both Mommy and Daddy. Making breakfast, lunches, dinners. Feeding, changing, bathing and putting Kaiden to bed. Keeping the house picked up and organized. All while he is working on top of it. It's a lot for him. I recognize that. But we both know this is temporary and we can get through it!

My OB appointment today is considered a success since my cervix hasn't changed any since last week. She is going to order another ultrasound just to make sure little princess is growing properly. She indicated that I am measuring the same as last week, so just to be sure, she wants the ultrasound. So, the goal is to make it another week without any cervical changes, no contractions and stay pregnant!