Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Days I Question My Sanity

I'm taking a deep breath.
Slowly exhaling.
I'm counting to 10.
Okay, I think I might feel a bit better now.

Can I just vent for a second? Wait, why am I asking that question? Of course I can. Last time I checked it was my blog and that's one of the reasons that I started this darn thing. To vent. So here I go.

I am having one of those days. You know the type. The ones that you have beaten down to a bloody pulp. The ones where you think you would rather pull out each one of the hairs on your head. One by one. The ones that you feel compelled to drink. Heavily. And you want to do this all before breakfast. Yeah. One of those days.

So, Kaiden woke up again covered in his own throw up. For over a week now he has been fighting a stomach bug, complete with some of the nastiest diapers you will ever see in your life. Also, a few nights he has thrown up in his crib, but hasn't cried about it. So, I have gone in to get him in the morning and there is vomit all over him and the bed. Yuck. But despite all that, he hasn't been in too bad of a mood and hasn't seemed to be feeling yucky other than not being able to keep his food down.

Until today. He has been crabbier then EVER! I even tried to venture outside with him thinking it would get his mind off of being crabby, only to head back home after a melt down in front of everyone. I just don't have the energy to deal with that today, so I packed us up after 30 minutes of being out and headed home.

So, while I am blessed with a napping toddler right now, and a chance to finally put my feet up and rest, I am anxiously awaiting our doctors appointment this afternoon. Cause after a week with a case of the "bug" I feel like he should be getting better by now. But, until bedtime I am going to breath. Deep breaths. And hope that I make it through this day.

Pray for me. I need all the help I can get.


Melissa Darby said...

Reagan (my oldest) always did that, she would throw up but she wouldn't cry, so the next morning it was everywhere. And dried and disgusting. I can relate!!

lizspin said...

Make sure you don't get that bug, my friend, it seems NASTY!!!

Kaye said...

You'll make it...just hang in there and get some "me time" at the end of the day to maintain a (relative) composure of sanity. =)

Couzin Trish said...

Wow. This is something to look forward to I suppose. Poor little man and poor MOMMY! I guess adults behaving like toddlers in a professional setting (which compels me to want to drink before noon on some occasions)are nothing compared to your little one when he's sick! Hang in there!

Susan said...

Oh, I SOOO hear you. I have had that kind of day for two weeks straight now. Coughs, colds, cavities, sore throats - we can NOT GET HEALTHY. And it's one after another after another. And I need a full nights sleep!!!!!!