Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Week 24

Well, here I am. Week 24. And I am feeling pregnant. Go figure. That's the best way that I can fully describe it. Whenever you undoubtedly get that questions, "So how are you feeling?" "Well," I tell them, "I feel pregnant." I feel like within the past couple of weeks my belly just popped out, it's harder for me to get around, I get tired quicker, and I started to waddle. I know. Seems too early to start waddling to me too. But, hey, especially by the end of the day a waddle seems in order.

My progesterone shots have been going well. Nothing new to report there. I have had 2 cervical length checks and both are within normal ranges. I have my final check this Friday. Fingers crossed that it checks out A-O-K. After week 24 they say it is no longer a good predictor of whether you will deliver early. So, I see my doctor every two weeks now, where in a normal situation I would still be on a monthly schedule. Then after my next appointment next Friday I will start seeing her every week. At that point I will be 25.5 weeks and she just wants to watch extra closely considering that with Kaiden I went into labor at 29 weeks. She will start checking my cervix and doing a test called a Fetal Fibronectin every two weeks. This test is eh, iffy at best. If I get a negative result then there is a pretty good chance that I won't deliver within the two weeks post test. If I get a positive result there is a 20% chance that I could deliver within those two weeks. So, not the best predictor, and a lot of false negatives, but, it's all they have at this point to really stay on top of the situation. So, hopefully no positives, cause even if I do get a false positive (which there is no way to tell if it is truly a "false" positive) then she will most likely put me on bed rest just to be safe. Can you say stir crazy?

So we just keep plugging along and hope that little Miss stays nice and cozy just where she is.

Here I am at 24 weeks preggo


Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

HA! I love it - you feel pregnant. Hilarious. You look about as adorable as ever, so get over it. :)

Trish said...

You look great! Tell that Little Miss to stay put. Now is not the time to start disobeying mommy!