Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Planning a Trip: Take Three

Hubs and I are leaving for our trip on Thursday. A much needed retreat from the everyday. Our 2 year anniversary is on Saturday and since Monday is a day off my parents offered to fly in from PA to watch Kaiden. It's a win/win for all of us. We get a weekend away to ourselves. They get Kaiden all to themselves. See ya, have fun. And if you need to reach us, don't call. We are on vacation.

So anyways, I posted about this little adventure that we planned to UT in a previous post. At the time Doc didn't want me to go because of the high altitude. Okay. I can deal with that. So, we turned to plan B. A trip to San Diego. Weeeeelllll, if you have been watching the weather that they have been getting you know that it is nothing but rain, rain and more rain. Most of which they have also been sending to little 'ole us here in Phoenix, thankyouverymuch. So, it made us rethink our plans to CA now. You can't go to San Diego when it's raining. It just doesn't work. So, we are now on to plan C.

We wanted to go somewhere close so that we are not spending two whole days just traveling. So, we decided, plan C was to hit Vegas since it is only a short 4 hour drive for us from Phoenix. I was feeling kind of funny about it over the past couple of days. Does a pregnant woman have any business being in Vegas? Will I look funny in "sin city" with a baby bump? But, as have grown older I seem to become less and less concerned with what others think and so....screw 'em. This ole preggo mama is going to Vegas, baby!

We are staying at the Bellagio. I have always wanted to stay there cause they have that pretty fountain show. And the fact that Matt Damon and George Clooney took that place for every penny in Ocean's 11. They are both sooo eye candy. Are they or are they not?! Anyways, we have a nice trip planned to see the Cirque show "O" on Friday night and dinner at a nice steak house for our anniversary on Saturday night. Valentine's Day. Other than that, we may just check out the strip, other hotels, relax in our room with a good book, or I may decide to pull up a chair at the Blackjack table or find a spot at the Craps table. Either way, I will be praying to the Casino Gods that they don't take me for every penny that I bring. Which will probably be like $20.00. I start to twitch and get cold sweats if I lose more than that. So maybe I better just sit my butt at the slots and watch it devour my quarters instead. At least I can pull that little lever thing. Now that's some entertainment.

Everyone have a nice Valentine's Day. I'll see you when I return. Hopefully with a little extra cash in my pocket. And don't be surprised if I have a few pictures to post of us at the drive up window of the Little White Wedding Chapel. I am secretly hoping that Elvis will be willing to help us renew our vows.


lizspin said...

Have a great time! You deserve a little get away before the new one arrives.

Oh, and Happy Anniversary too.

Melissa Darby said...

The last 3 times I have been to Vegas, I was preggo! You will still have fun, it will just be a different kind of fun!

Melissa Darby said...

Oh yeah, and I stayed at Bellagio and it is awesome!! Have fun!

chandy said...

I love Vegas! Such awesome food! My husband has been testing out a new blackjack strategy on his iTouch that works perfectly, in theory. Start with the minimum bet and if you win, bet minamum again. If you lose, double your bet. If you keep losing, keep doubling, so when you finally win again, you win back everything you lost. If you start with a small amount of seed money and make sure you're at a table with a low min and high max bet, you should be golden!

Or...just put it all on red and hope for the best ;)

Allison said...

I was pregnant too the last time I was in Vegas. I was almost 7 months, so I wasn't exactly little at that point. Tony was at a trade show the whole week, so I spent my days pushing 20 month old (at the time) Natalie in an umbrella stroller up and down the strip. It didn't bother me to be pregnant, but it made me giggle to think what a sight I must have been to others. Otherwise, Natalie and I had a blast in Vegas (& Tony when he could escape from running his booth in the evenings). You will too.

ashley said...

TRACEY, HAVE A BLAST! been to vegas, have seen O (you will love it!!). go check out the free shows at the different hotels, and just walking through the hotels is amazing to see as well!! ENJOY =) Ashley

Debra said...


I hope you have a great time! And Happy Anniversary to you!

Blessings, my friend!

Katie said...

Have FUN! I'm soo jealous!!! Have a drink for me (but make yours a Shirley Temple)