Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Week 20

I'm officially at the half-way mark. And to that I say I can't believe I am already halfway there, but I can't believe that I still have halfway to go.

Everything has been going really well. Fingers crossed. I feel good. Other than that fact that my boobs have grown to enormous proportions and the glimpse of my butt that I accidentally caught in the mirror the other day was enough to give me a heart attack, I feel relatively pregnancy "symptom-free."

I have gotten 4 injections of progesterone so far and all I have to show for it is a sore rear end. Every time I see my doctor she has a new story of a patient that has been getting those shots due to a previous pre-term delivery that has made it so much further along this time. So, we are hoping for good results as well. Baby has started to move and kick around a whole lot more. I think that he/she will end up being just as active as Kaiden was.

Thanks to all that have voted on whether we will be seeing pink or blue for the next 18 years. I loved reading all your comments about your individual pregnancies. I think with all of that information we can finally put those old wives tales to rest! Everyone had such different experiences and nothing seemed to prove any of them correct!

Here I am at week 20. Growing and growing and growing...
Come back tomorrow afternoon for the big reveal!


Jolie Molino said...

Hey I sent you a link to your pictures again because its that time, time to make space on my computer. Let me know if you are going to get any so I know I can take the online gallery down! Let me know if you need the link again!
Congrats on 20 weeks, I am going to the play fort with angela carr tomorrow near you at about 10:30 if you want to join us!

ParentingPink said...

Awww...congrats on the half way mark! That's a really big deal! So excited for you :-)

Trish said...

You look gorgeous!

A Trip Down Crazy Lane: said...

Congrats on the baby girl. I am having a little girl too! I am about 25 weeks. She feels like she is going to be a pro at gymnastics once she comes out! She moves around a ton! Anyway, your picture is cute...I am about the same size as you too. Any names picked out yet!?

Congrats again :)

PS: Oh, and about the boob growing thing, I feel ya sista...