Thursday, December 31, 2009

Noon Year's Eve Party

Today we went to a play date to bring in the New Year. Toddler style. It was such a cute idea. All the moms brought a lunch items to eat.
We had hats to decorate.

We had noise blowers to blow.

We were supposed to countdown to noon time, but getting all the kids fed and gathered together was a bit of a chore, so we decided to just let them play and attempt a picture of them all in their hats and blowing their noise makers before everyone departed to get home for nap time. It wasn't as easy as we thought it would be.
Take 1:

Take 2:Take 3:

Oh well! Happy New Year to you all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time Outs

From the time Kaiden was 18 months old we started implementing the "time out" method of discipline. Honestly, it seems to work. Sure there are days when Kaiden can rack up the time outs, but for the most part after one time out, he seems to get the message. In the past few months I have noticed that I have hardly had to use time outs at all. He pretty much "gets" the rules and after telling him once (sometimes twice) or "threatening" that if he doesn't listen to Mommy then he needs to go to time out.

With that said.....Kaiden has been a whiner from the time he was born. Up until a few months ago I gave him the benefit of the doubt and always made the excuse that "it's his only way he knows how to communicate." Blah, blah, blah. Well, recently his vocabulary and conversing abilities have soared and we realized it was time to get this whining thing under control. It has been driving us nuts! So, about two months ago when Kaiden started whining and/or crying for no reason we would tell him in a calm voice, "Kaiden, I don't understand you when you whine. If you want something then you need to use your nice words and tell Mommy or Daddy what it is that you want." We have even tried giving him the words to use. "Kaiden I don't understand what it is you want when you whine. Do you want water/cracker/hug, etc, etc.?" Sometimes this works, but other times he just keeps whining. So, we resort to telling him if he doesn't stop whining then he will have to go to his room until he is ready to speak nicely. We don't call this "time out," per se, because we are not disciplining him for whining, but rather letting him figure it out, calm himself down and ask for what he wants in a nice, calm manner.

In the beginning of using this technique it was a disaster. He would go crazy and sit in his room and cry and cry and cry. But, over the past couple of months, with some consistency, it has really seemed to work. If we do happen to use the method it seems to do the trick the first time. Of course there are exceptions like yesterday when he went in his room 4 different times in the span of an hour because he couldn't get it together. But, he eventually got the message and was fine for the rest of the evening.

My point to this story is that I believe that Kaiden finally "gets it." That mommy and daddy mean business and won't tolerate his whining and/or crying for no good reason anymore. And the reason I know that Kaiden "gets it" is because he demonstrated his own time out method today with Lightning McQueen. Yes, Lightening McQueen got a time out today. And when I asked Kaiden why Lightening McQueen was in "ime out" (as Kaiden would pronounce it) he answered, "McQueen crying. Ime out."

Here is Lightening McQueen in time out

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting Crafty

I have a new babysitter. She provides hours of entertainment for Kaiden, is available at a seconds notice and is pretty affordable. Her name is Telly Vision.

I must admit that I have been overusing my new babysitter, Telly. I know that I need to get some new ideas as to how to entertain my child. But, unfortunately it just seems easier right now to have Telly take over at random times during the day to help babysit so I can get things done. Unfortunatly with Maddey being on 2 naps we are stuck in the house most days in both the morning and afternoon, leaving only a few hours before lunch to get out of the house. When I am trying to feed Maddey, put her down for naps, get a shower, clean up the kitchen from breakfast/lunch, or any other task that needs to get accomplished Telly seems to keep Kaiden busy without the constant distraction of "Mommy, Mommy this, Mommy that" every 5 seconds.

Many times I had intentions of getting Kaiden involved in some simple craft projects that he might enjoy. Many times I would put art type things in my cart at the store, only to put it back right before checking out thinking to myself, "do I really want to torture myself like this?" But the more and more I thought about it I knew it was better than him sitting in front of the TV or aimlessly running around the house getting into things that he shouldn't be out of shear boredom. So, I decided this is my week to face those fears head on and attempt to become "crafty mom."

We went to Wal-mart yesterday with a few projects in mind. I bought a gingerbread house, playdough, some finger paints, molding clay and big pieces of paper to color on. While the kids were down for naps I went online and printed out a bunch of free coloring pages that I can pull from for times he gets clingy and I need to get dinner started or feed the baby. My goal is to do at least a couple crafty projects per week. It all sounds so great in my head, but we'll see realistically if that will happen.

Day one went off pretty well. Last week we went to a local shopping mall for "Lunch with Santa." *Side note: It wasn't really all that exciting, the music was super loud so my friend and I couldn't even talk to each other without shouting and the kids weren't that into it, so we ended up leaving a bit early.* But each kid got a goody bag that had a page of Christmas stickers and a Christmas scene to stick them on. On Sunday we were looking for things to do after dinner, so I pulled the stickers out and we spent a good half hour having fun letting Kaiden stick them all over the page. Here is Kaiden's attempt to decorate the scene.

With some left over stickers and a coloring page that I printed off the Internet, yesterday Kaiden colored Santa and used up the remaining stickers.

(you can't really see where he colored, but I assure you, he used his crayons!)

With two successful art projects under my belt I was feeling pretty optimistic about my new crafting activities and wanted to tackle the Gingerbread house this morning. That was just a disaster from the start. I had to mix the icing up with the electric mixer which freaked Kaiden out. Then as I was trying to put the icing on the roof it was not sticking correctly so I had to use my fingers to slather it on. Then Kaiden was attempting to stick the tiny balls on but they were really small and kept falling out of his fingers (they were falling out of mine as well) and Paco was trying to eat them. Then the icing was setting really fast so the candy was not sticking in the icing well so he decided to just eat the gum drops instead. Finally after about 10 minutes Kaiden gave up and went off to play with his toys leaving me to finish the project. I was doing pretty well until the end when Kaiden came back to the table to see my progress. He picked up the bag of small candy balls and they spilled all over the floor going EVERYWHERE! I yelled, "Oh shoooooot!" and ran around with my dust pan and brush trying to get them out from under everything! Thank goodness for my choice of "shoot" and not "sh*t" cause Kaiden has been saying, "oh shoot" ever since.

Regardless of my failed attempt at the craft for today, I am looking forward to my next project that I am going to use as a few Christmas presents for the grandparents. Also, if you have any simple crafty projects good for a two year old, feel free to pass them along!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I realize this list is coming to you a bit late this year. I assume you are diligently working on your Christmas shopping (or constructing) early in the year and not the "last minute shopper" type that most of us are, so I apologize if I have ruined your style and have to cram in buying my presents this year just because I couldn't get my holiday cookie eating fat butt in gear in a respectable amount of time.

If it's not too much trouble I have put together a few "would love to have's" on my list this year. And although I haven't been the nicest, patientest (I'm pretty sure that one is in Webster's), humblest person this year, I would have to blame most of that on pregnancy, after pregnancy hormones, sleep deprivation, and pure and utter chaos in my home that drives me to insanity. And the un-humble part, well, I have to blame that on the fact that I have the two most adorable children on God's green earth. And who doesn't want to shout that out to the world?!

Anyways, Pops...may I call you that? Just thought you would prefer that to "Father Christmas" and all. Here are a few of my wish list items:
  1. The Twilight 4 book set collectors set. I know I am not one to go out and buy books unless they are so, so, SO good and I want to have them in my home forever. Trust me on this one, Jolly Nick, these are THAT good.
  2. A Chi Rocket hair dryer. I realize the price of this thing may be a total deal breaker, but come on, you've seen my locks and, well, we need to bust out the big guns. Besides my cheap Wal-mart hair dryer just blew up on me and while that one lasted me longer than most cheapos out there, it's just time for an upgrade.
  3. Snuggie. But not just any old Snuggie. I want the Snuggie Deluxe from Costco. Oh Holy Night. I can feel the warmth swarming through me just thinking about it.
  4. Ulta gift card. Just cause I need me some pampering.
  5. I-Pod. Yes, I realize I am probably the last person on Earth that doesn't have one of these. But if you recall, I asked for one last year and...I'm still waaaaaiiiiiting!
  6. A good book light. Ya know, to read my Twilight books. Did I mention that I wanted the Twilight 4 book collectors set?
  7. Christmas decorations. I'm all grown up now and have kids, so I guess that means that I have a new responsibility to actually make my home festive looking during the holidays.

I think that just about does it there, Santa. We'll be seeing you round these parts next week. And, rest assured, if you bring me some of those items on my list then I can promise you some of the best dang cookies on the block!


Monday, December 14, 2009

6 Month Update

Madelyn had her 6 month check up on Friday and girl is gonna be an Amazon women for sure! She weighed in at 17 lbs 7 oz (69%) and is 28 inches long (98%!).

Madelyn is still teething pretty badly and seems to have not stopped for the past 3 1/2 months. But, to date, she has three teeth on the bottom and looks like she is getting about three more bottom teeth. The doctor said her upper gums looked a little red and swollen indicating the two front teeth maybe making their appearance sometime soon. Through it all she has been a trooper, chewing on everything in sight.

Nighttime has been a blessing. She has been sleeping through the night since she turned 5 months old. We had to let her cry-it-out one night and from that night on we haven't had any problems with her sleeping besides one night that she woke in the middle of the night. I was able to soothe her back to sleep and ever since she has been fine. We put her to bed around 6:30pm and she has been getting up anywhere between 5:30-7:00am. We have settled into a pretty good nap routine as well. Morning nap about 2 hours after she wakes up for 1-2 hours. I try to hold out for that afternoon nap to occur around 1/1:30 after I put Kaiden down so I can get some alone time to actually get stuff done or attempt a nap myself. It usually happens for me quite nicely and she will sleep anywhere from 2-3 hours in the afternoon.

Maddey is fully sitting up on her own now and when she is on her tummy she wants to crawl so badly. I can see it in her eyes. Or maybe that was just her making "presents" for Mom to clean up later. Whatever the case may be, she is trying to pull her legs under her and scoot around the floor any way that she can. It won't be long, I'm afraid, until I have two on the move.

We started solids a couple weeks ago so now we are having three meals a day in addition to her formula. She has even started to eat some Cheerios, munch on graham crackers or puffs. While she is still having trouble picking up the smaller pieces with index and thumb to get them in her mouth, I can tell a big difference with just the few short weeks that she has been practicing. She'll be getting it soon.

Other than that, she is just a pleasant baby. When they say that girls are so different then boys, it's true. She has picked up stuff sooner than Kaiden did (maybe this is because she has her older brother to watch, but I think it's mostly a "girl thing") and she is so much more content. I can sit her on the floor and she will play there for a good amount of time before wanting to be moved. With Kaiden I had to keep rotating him to different apparatus every 5-10 minutes.

I am really starting to enjoy this age and it seems to go even faster with the second one. I blink and another month seems to fly by at rapid pace. Before I know it she'll be turning one and I'll be longing for those "baby" moments back. And although I don't think I am meant to endure another pregnancy or have more than two of my own, there is a little smiggin' of me that thinks I may long to do it all over again. But just a smiggin'.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meal Plan-11/22/09

Recently I have been all out of sorts with my weekly meal planning and, once again, have found myself on several occations trying to come up with a meal at 4:00 in the afternoon. It's not fun. I am recommiting myself to weekly meal plans to make my life simpler.

Sunday-Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Stew
Tuesday-Lasagna Roll-ups
Wednesday-Tilapia, rice and veggies
Thursday-Thanksgiving! Eating copius amounts of food at a friend's house.
Friday-Salad with crab cakes
Saturday-PF Changs Lettuce Wraps

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spell it Out

Conversations in our house have turned into a spelling B challenge. No longer can hubs and I freely discuss any topic without worrying that little ears are listening. No longer can we talk about dinner menus without possible meltdowns prior to when dinner is actually ready to be served. I actually had a conversations with him the other night that went something like this:

Me to hubs:

"I am making S-P-A-G-H-E-T-T-I for D-I-N-N-E-R. While I am making it can you maybe take Kaiden O-U-T-S-I-D-E to ride his B-I-K-E? He has been asking for it all day and he is obsessing about wanting C-R-A-C-K-E-R-S right now and I don't want him to ruin his D-I-N-N-E-R. Or you could get his C-R-A-Y-O-N-S and let him C-O-L-O-R for a bit...Everyone will need a B-A-T-H tonight as well if you want to give Kaiden one now or wait till after we E-A-T. By the way, do you want garlic B-R-E-A-D?"

Kaiden is picking up on everything, repeating everything and understands pretty much everything we say. Especially anything about food, baths, cars, trucks, bikes, etc. I actually have to laugh at myself sometimes cause I feel like I sound so ridiculous spelling everything out. But, for my sanity, it's a must.

I guess this will work for now until he can actually spell words. Then what will I do?

Monday, November 16, 2009


Is it wrong that I am openly a Twilight fanatic?

Is it wrong that I have been known to put my kids to bed early just so that I could lose myself in the world of Vampires?

Is it wrong that I want the 4 book collectors set for Christmas just so that I can have the books readily available to read over and over and over again?

Is it wrong that I have been sending my just-as-fanatical-friend countdown text messages stating, "30 days, 15 hours, 20 minutes until the New Moon premiere."

Is it wrong that I have a box of limited edition Sweethearts candy with Jacob's picture smack dab on the front in my cubbard?

Is it wrong that I am on a quest to find just the right "Team Jacob" t-shirt to wear to the premiere?

Is it wrong that I actually considered going to the Twilight Marathon at the local Harkins that starts on Thursday night showing the first movie at 9:30pm then showing New Moon at midnight and I actually tried to convince myself that I could probably survive on 3 hours of sleep the next day and it would probably totally be worth it?

Is it wrong that I have dreams of Jacob saving me from all the bad Vampires in the world and sweeping me off my feet?

Is it wrong that I cut my errands short last Friday just so I could make it home in time to catch Stephanie Meyers on Oprah?

Is it all just wrong?

Cause if acting like a lovestruck, pimple faced, metal mouthed teenager is wrong, then my friends, I don't want to be right.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


So we have hit a few milestones here in our house recently:

1. Madelyn is sleeping through the night! After a little crying last Sunday night, she slept each night this week without making a peep until 6:00am. Can I get an AMEN?!?!?!

2. Started Maddey on solid foods. Well, I don't know if you would consider rice cereal a food really, but she is now eating rice cereal in the morning and then again in the evening. We are gearing up for the real food starting in another 2 weeks or so when she turns 6 months!

3. Sitting up unassisted! Sure there are times that she goes to grab a toy in front of her or looks up to see mom and topples over, but for the most part, Madelyn is able to sit on her own!

We are looking forward to the next couple months which should give new meaning to the word "crazy" as I have two little ones on the move!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleeping Through the Night

So my little goober pie is 5 months old and, at this point, is still not sleeping a full 12 hours though the night despite my best efforts. Kaiden began sleeping through the night at 4 months with the help of the cry-it-out method. He cried one night for 2 1/2 hours and the next night for one hour and ever since he has been an amazing sleeper, hardly ever fighting us going to bed and/or naps. He still sleeps a good 10-12 hours at night and takes a 2-3 hour nap each afternoon.

So here we are at month 5 and at a major decision time with regards to Miss Madelyn's nightly sleeping habits. For the most part she is a good sleeper at night. Usually going to bed at 6:30pm, waking for one feeding anywhere from midnight to 4am, going right back to sleep and sleeping until 6 or 7am. So, all in all, she is getting a good nights sleep and isn't too much of an issue. The only problem is that this Mama is ready for a full night's sleep without interruption. It seems like forever ago that I actually woke up feeling rested, charged and ready for a full day ahead of me.

At our last doctor's appointment (her 4 month check -up) the pediatrician indicated that there is really no nutritional need for her to be feeding at night and is certainly able to go the full 12 hours. And I know this to be true since she has actually slept 12 hours on her own a couple times, few and far between, but she has done it none-the-less. So now that we are back from PA, readjusted to our time zone, back in our own beds, and back in our routine we've decided it's time that Madelyn learn to sleep through the night.

I decided Saturday night was the night I was going to let her cry-it-out. I was mentally prepared to endure what could potentially be a few hours of screaming, I was geared up with my ear plugs and ready to pray my way through a night of crying. Well, wouldn't you know it, that little bugger went to bed at 6:30pm as usual and didn't wake up until 6am! I, on the other hand, woke up at 2:30am in disbelief that I still hadn't heard a peep from her and continued to do what any sleep deprived mother would do in my shoes. Stare at the ceiling and keep myself awake for the next 3 hours with random thoughts shuffling through my mind.

"I can't believe that she hasn't woken up yet. So, if she wakes up now and, God forbid, starts crying for the next two hours then that still gives her about an hour and a half of sleep cause I am not going to get her before 6am. But wait, maybe I should go and check on her. What if she isn't breathing? Oh, stop. I am sure she is fine. But maybe, just maybe, I should go check on her anyways. I should really get back to sleep. I am wasting the gift of a good night's sleep by thinking...Kaiden sure did have a good time on those go-carts today at Jack's birthday party. I would love to have a piece of land like that so we could ride some SUV type things. I have to remember to get air in my tires tomorrow. It's only been a week since the stupid light in my car went on. Maybe I should just get up and blog about all this so I can go back to sleep. Wait. Was that a peep from Maddey? Nope. That was just Paco barking at someone in his sleep. I sure wish that Christian wouldn't snore every. single. night. I really need to start my Christmas shopping. Nothing like waiting till the last minute every year. I always say I won't do that and every year it's the same scramble to get packages in the mail. I am really uncomfortable. Got to flip to the other side. I need a new body pillow. This one is too flat. What if Madelyn wakes up at 4am? Do I just let her cry until 6am then go and get her?...

...and on and on went my mind.

So, you see, although everyone else in my house got a wonderfully sound night of sleep, and although I was handed that gift of ZZZzzz's, I didn't cash in because my mind was in overdrive. Holy frustrating.

But, little one didn't let that one full night of sleep last too long as last night she woke up at 10pm. She cried for 10 minutes and settled back down. I thought, "that's it? That wasn't so hard after all!" But, 20 minutes later she cried for a half hour, settled down for a half hour then started back up again. I don't know exactly how long she cried cause I put my ear plugs in my ears and turned off the monitor. Luckily, I was able to go back to sleep probably because I was so sleep deprived from the night before. I did wake up at 2:30am (apparently that's my witching hour to awake) and didn't hear her crying. She continued to sleep until 6:15 this morning in which I rushed in at the first little cry and rescued her from the torture!

Hopefully tonight she won't cry too much or too long and hopefully this is the beginning of some much needed sleep for the whole family cause, boy, do we need it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back to Reality

So I am back from a month long excursion to my old stomping grounds. Otherwise known as Phoenixville, PA. And let me just start out by saying (if I may pat myself on the back a bit) I traveled home all by myself. On a 5 hour flight. With a 2 year old. And a 4 month old. Yep. I must have been totally off my rocker to agree to that, but we survived it none-the-less.

Anywho, we had a lovely time with G-Ma and G-Pa. We were able to do all the Fall activities that I remember doing as a little tike. Jumping in the leaves, taking a hayride to the pumpkin patch, getting homemade ice cream at the local farm, taking long walks, snuggling up on the couch when it rains for days upon days instead of just minutes like here in Phoenix. Yep. We did it all.

It has been a little over a year since we have been back to Pennsylvania. So, it was wonderful to spend so much time there and get to see a bunch of family and friends. Kaiden didn't remember them from last year (since he was only 7 months old when we were there) and almost everyone hadn't had a chance to meet little Miss Madelyn yet. Besides, most of my friends have gone on to have their first or second kiddos which I hadn't had a chance to meet. I can't even begin to express how wonderful it was for all my friends and relatives to go out of their way to come and see us while we were there. It was like no time had gone by and we just picked up right where we left off.

We also got the chance to celebrate Kaiden's 2nd birthday. I know, right?!?!? He's two! Just yesterday he was learning to walk at his 1st birthday party and now he is running and jumping and talking and getting into everything!

Here we are singing "Happy Birthday" to Kaiden
And blowing out the candles...

Daddy and Kaiden at the Camden, NJ Aquarium
Playing in the leaves with Grandpa
Visiting the pumpkin patch

Kaiden and his buddy, Jack, at Elmwood Park Zoo

Tummy time

Madelyn meeting her cuz'n, Noah, for the first time and visiting with Trish
Meeting up with High School friends and their kiddos
Madelyn @ four months old. I mean, honestly, can you get any cuter than this?

Thanks to everyone that I got to see. And thanks Grandma and Grandpa for putting up with us for so long! Now back to reality!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Vampires, Vacations and Kids, Oh My

Wow. I mean, seriously, where does the time go?

I can't believe that it has actually been three months since our little princess made her way into the world. And trust me, she is a diva already. She is going to give me a run for my money. And then some.

Life has been INSANE around here. Notice how I used large capital letters. And italics. And bold. Cause really, its just that nuts. Nutso, I tell you. Nuts.

So to bring you up to date on my life as a mom of two under two, sit back, relax and grab a glass of wine. You'll need it as much as I do these days.
  • Kaiden has entered the terrible two stage. Except there's one small issue. He isn't even two yet. But that doesn't stop him from throwing himself on the floor and rolling around like a fish out of water every time I want to get him dressed or brush his teeth. Fine. See if I care if your teeth rot and fall out of your mouth. I am sure that will be added to the list of "how I ruined your life" when he is old enough to realize that we were screw ups as parents.
  • Madelyn has decided that three months old is the perfect age to start "teething." Ahhh, yes. Teething. As if pushing a watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon, three months of no sleep, barely showering and eating hardly anything except what is left over on the kids plates after meals weren't enough to drive me to an early grave then throw teething into the mix. Thanks for that.
  • Is anyone else obsessed with the Twilight book series? Oh. My. Goodness. I am on book #3 and I can truly admit that I am in love. With a Werewolf. Yep. I think that I have to say that so far I am totally on "team Jacob." Don't laugh when I am the first one in line on November 20th to see the next flick wearing my "Team Jacob" t-shirt. I'll totally do it. I'm not afraid.
  • We are leaving for Pennsylvania on September 30th. I am staying for a month with the kids. I am excited the kids will get to see G-ma and G-pa and we will get out of this crazy heat. I totally need to start packing. Cause packing for three will inevitably keep me up at night if I don't start now.
  • The first thing I am going to do when I get off the plane in Philly is buy a Philly soft pretzel. They are like a little piece of heaven smack dab in the ghetto.
  • We are considering canceling our cable. And *gulp* I am the one that keeps suggesting it. I know. I must be crazy. Or sleep deprived. Or a little bit of both.

So that's about all I can manage to write today cause I'm tired and I need to read a few more chapters in my Twilight book before I go to bed. If I can keep my eyes open. Sometimes even I amaze myself at how utterly boring I have become.

Visit the Un Mom for more Tuesday randomness.

Good Night All!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sham What?

This is what happens when you send your husband to Costco...
Cause if one ShamWow is good, then 16 must be better.
Needless to say, it is going back.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meal Plan-8/9/09

This meal planning thing is really working for me. I can't believe that I waited this long to figure out how much time it saves me each day and how much stress has been lifted from my shoulders each day as I already know what to make that evening!

Sunday-Chicken/Veggie Quiche
Monday-Asian Broccoli Slaw Salad with Shrimp
Tuesday-Brats with Rice and Veggies
Wednesday-Baked Ziti with garlic bread
Friday-Take out
Saturday-Soft Beef Tacos

Happy Planning!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that 8 weeks after having a baby I am back to my pre-preggo weight and can fit into my pre-preggo shorts.
The bad news is, that during this pregnancy I got flab and cellulite in places that I didn't think was possible. That issue seriously needs some addressing.
And, if that news wasn't bad enough, the worse news is that I seriously have no time to even think about heading to the gym.

The good news is that Madelyn slept 6 hour stretches the past three nights.
The bad news is, it took some modified "cry it out" sessions and that 6 hour stretch, according to the "experts," is considered "sleeping through the night."

The good news is that July is over and we are one month closer to the Fall weather around here.
The bad news is that this July felt like it was about 150 gazillion degrees and officially was named "the hottest July in Phoenix history." I can't wait to see what records we break for August.

The good news is that since Kaiden's ear tube surgery three weeks ago the doctor said there is no more sign of infection and no more fluid in his ears. His words, "you should have a whole new kid now."
The bad news is that he is now cutting those two year old molars and earning him the title of Mr. Cranky Pants.

The good news is that Kaiden is going to be switching to his "big boy" bedroom soon so that I can free up the crib for Madelyn.
The bad news is that Kaiden is going to be switching to his "big boy" bedroom soon. Wait, didn't I just say that? Seriously, I am super nervous of the thought of him not being in his crib anymore. Besides that fact that it means my little boy is growing up. *sigh*

The good news is that we have two play dates this week.
The bad news is that I offered to host them. That means 5 toddler boys running through the house getting into everything that toddler boys can get into. And the aftermath...don't get me started.

Okay, I actually think that I have some, dare I say, free time now since all seems to be quiet here. Wow, I never thought I could enjoy the sound of nothing so much. I am off to do, well, nothing. And I am going to enjoy every second of it.

Good night!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meal Plan-8/2/09

I have seen a lot of people out there in the blogosphere that meal plan. Up until about a month ago I was sort-of a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of gal when it came to dinners. Now that life has gotten ever-so crazy with two kiddos I can't just run to the grocery store every day to pick up ingredients for that evenings dinner. So, I thought I would give this meal planning a go. So far it has made my life that much simpler by knowing exactly what I am making that evening well before 4 o'clock rolls around. It also makes my grocery trips that much more productive as I can purchase all the ingredients I need for the week. I have even used up some ingredients that have been sitting in my cabinets for months now. Consider me a converted meal planner from here on out!

Sunday-Stuffed sweet potatoes with roasted chicken, salsa, cheese and sour cream
Monday-Hot dogs and homemade mac 'n cheese
Tuesday-Spinach salad with strawberries, sugared walnuts and feta cheese
Wednesday-Veal Scallopini over egg noodles
Thursday-Broccoli Slaw Salad with left over chicken
Friday-Homemade veggie pizza
Saturday-out to dinner

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Thoughts: Cupcakes, Jimmies and Belly Buttons

It's hump day. Not that the days of the week mean anything to me anymore. Heck, everyday is a weekend. Or not. Cause actually, when you have kids, weekends don't exist. You are on call 24/7.

So, last night, when I should be soundly sleeping in between feedings, I was wide awake. Yep. Thinking about random things. And of course, instead of getting up and blogging right then and there to get them off my chest, I laid there. Awake. Then it was time for the next feeding. Ugh. I hate nights like that.

Anyhoots, here are some of the randomness that was going on in my head:
  • Yesterday I ate a cupcake when I should be watching what I eat. Okay, since I am confessing and all, I actually had two. With chocolate icing and sprinkles on top. And if I really want to get honest here, I had two the day before too. Then I had chocolate milk around dinner time. Oh, and a piece of Ghiradelli chocolate for dessert. And I wonder why I couldn't sleep last night?
  • On the east coast we called them jimmies. Not sprinkles. I think the first time I went to get ice cream out here in the desert and ordered "jimmies" the guy at the ice cream parlor looked at me like I had two head and said, "Umm, excuse me?"
  • I am not a huge fan of the infant stage. I am realizing that. If babies could come out about 6 months old, sleeping through the night, ready to crawl with a full-on grill, dude, I'd consider having a small litter. Until then, notsomuch. I think I am done having babies.
  • Ask me in about a year, right around the time I get the "baby itch" and I may have a different answer.
  • That said, I think that I have the two most amazing children. Ever. I'm blessed.
  • This flippin' heat makes me miserable. I really hate to harp on the Phoenix summers, but for. the. love. It really makes me irritable. Even I don't feel like being around me in the summer.
  • My belly button looks really weird now after having babies. I used to have a cute belly button. All small and dainty. Now it has taken on a crater-like existence on my stomach. Ho hum. At least I don't have stretch marks, I guess.
  • I am making chicken enchiladas for dinner. Then tomorrow night I am having Lasagna rolls. Yum-O.
  • Kaiden started this screaming type behavior when he is frustrated or not getting attention. This has thrown me into the actual "parenting" phase with him as I have to start implementing some real discipline. Time outs could be a regular occurrence around here.

Okay. Now that I got that all off my chest, I am hoping that I can sleep soundly tonight. After I take 2 hours to get Maddey to bed. And watch SYTYCD. Wish me luck.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sleep Training

All is quiet in the house and here I am with *gasp* actually a few moments to myself to relax, catch up on my blog reading and research. Yes, research.

See it all happened about two days ago. My once sleepy infant who was beginning to stretch her feedings out to 5 hours at night suddenly stopped sleeping. I know. I couldn't believe it either. I was so excited, thinking that we were moving in the right direction to having a good nap schedule and a full night of sleep when all of a sudden I am hit with a curve ball.

Let me clarify. It's not that she totally stopped sleeping, but now she is awake practically all day long unless I take 1-2 hours to try and get her down for a nap. Then at night, when you would think the little bugger would be totally exhausted from barely sleeping all day, it takes me at least 2 hours to settle her down and get to sleep. What person in their right mind doesn't want to sleep?

As I think back to Kaiden's infant days I seem to remember (in my foggy sleep deprived state) that he went through the same pattern. He was a great sleeper then POOF, stopped sleeping. So this really makes a stressed out Mommy even more stressed out as I am totally a schedule-a-holic. Not to mention, that I would love to grab a few minutes of sleep during the day myself when (cue fantasy music) both kiddos are quietly snoozing at the same time.

I am a big believer in the "cry it out" method. We used it with Kaiden when he was 4 months old and after 3 nights of him crying less and less each night he finally slept through the night. Ever since, he has been an amazing sleeper. He was one of the last of his friends to give up his two nap routine and still sleeps 12-13 hours a night even after taking a 2-3 hour nap during the day. I don't have to rock him to sleep. Although the first year I did rock him each night before bed after we read books, and even still do, before bed for a few minutes before putting him in his crib. Even with that, he has never had a problem going right down to sleep.

Madelyn is now 6 weeks old and from the "experts" view point (as I have read on the Internet) recommend establishing a stricter routine closer to 3-4 months old as they can tolerate longer sleep patterns at that time. So, although I have not given up on having an infant that goes down for naps without a fuss or a full night sleep sometime soon, I guess I need to get used to the fact that it may happen a little later than I once thought. In the meantime, I guess my sleepless days and nights will continue. I suppose it's nothing that a strong pot of coffee can't cure.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Newest Treasure

I am so excited about getting the mail today. I's the simple things in life that keep me going, eh?!

No really. For my birthday this year hubs bought me a pearl necklace. It was a beautiful necklace that would have looked just lovely on my neck when we actually got a chance to go out for an evening amongst adults. But, being the fashion disaster that I am, and rarely getting a chance to dress up these days I told him that I would rather him spend the money on something that I would get a lot of use out of and had sentimental meaning to me. I had a seen a gal that had a hand stamped necklace with her kiddos names on it earlier in the year and knew that once we had our little Madelyn then I would be itching for one as well.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine and she forwarded me Amanda, of Queen Bee Designs, name and blog site to check out. She had ordered a necklace for her mother and was very pleased. After visiting her site and comparing her to a bunch of others, I decided to order a necklace from her. Her worked looked good and her prices were extremely reasonable compared to some others out there.

Well, today I opened my mailbox and there was my necklace! I opened it up and was so pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful piece to wear! Here is the finished product. I am more than pleased and will be wearing this for years to come.

This picture doesn't fully give it the justice it deserves, but if you are looking for something special for a friend, grandmother, or even to spoil yourself, check out Amanda's blog site for more pieces that she offers.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My First Week Flying Solo

I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I totally thought that I would be updating my blog on a more consistent basis to give better updates on the ins and outs of our household with "two under two." Shame on me.

Things have been CRAZY here. I am totally in "lucky if I eat breakfast, shower and get dressed before 2:00 in the afternoon" mode. And by breakfast I mean shoving a granola bar down my throat or eating the rest of Kaiden's uneaten cereal. And by shower I mean quickly lather and rinse before the next diaper change or time to feed either Kaiden or Madelyn. And by getting dressed I mean throwing on an old T-shirt and gym shorts and pulling my hair back in a messy ponytail.

My Mom was here for two weeks and left on Father's Day. Making this the first full week that I flew solo during the day. I managed to make it out of the house three mornings to go to Barnes and Nobles so Kaiden could play on the Thomas the Train table they have, attend a play date at a friend's house and go to story hour at the library. And these were all before 10am. A feat that still leaves me in awe of myself. But after being home all day on Monday, stuck inside with two little ones, I just knew that Kaiden was going to need to get out. Even if it was only in the morning for a few hours. I was determined. We even made it out a few nights this week once Daddy came home from work. We went to the park one evening for a picnic dinner and out for a family walk in our new double stroller on Thursday night. We even went as far as inviting friends over for pizza and a movie last night. I know. I must be crazy.

Kaiden has adjusted so well to the new addition. He is such a big helper getting blankets to cover Maddey, trying to give her a paci or bottle and showering her with kisses and hugs. I worry that I have not been giving him as much attention in the past week and try to make up for it whenever I get a free moment. It's all still so new and I still feel lost without a routine. Which will come as the days and weeks go by.

Madelyn now is weighing in at 7lbs (as of last Friday) and still 20 1/2inches long. She is starting to look bigger to me and filling out in her face. She has gotten stronger head control and spends a little longer awake during feedings, but all in all, she still sleeps a lot. We had a few rough nights where she has been very gassy after feedings and can't calm herself down. But for every rough night it seems to be a bit better the next day. I will have to see if we can change her formula until we get just the right fit for her.

All in all we are surviving. I feel pretty good about how the first week went and look forward to Madelyn getting more active and alert. (I know I will regret making that statement once it happens!)

Here are some new pictures of our little family!

Building with Lego's at The Science Museum with Mommy and G-ma

Our first family picture before Mommy and Daddy got to go out on a date

Miss Maddey relaxing on her thrown during our family night at the park

Kaiden giving baby hugs

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

America's Next Top Model

Madelyn recently had her first "modeling session" with Jolie, a local photographer that I know from my mom's group at church. If you go to her website you will see Maddey on the front page looking as cute as cute can be. Also, click on "portfolio" to see some other pics of her. She is in pics # 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 21, 24, 26.

Jolie did an amazing job capturing the innocence of our little girl! Great job Jolie!

Madelyn's Story

It has been 10 days since that fateful day when I went to the hospital to deliver Miss Madelyn. Wow, what an eventful day that was!

It all started out like any other day. I had a OB appointment at 8:45 in morning. She said I was 3-4 cm and 80% effaced. At that point she gave me some options. She said that we could go ahead and schedule an elective induction for the 10th when I would be 39 weeks and she was on call. She also said in the meantime, she could strip my membranes (ewww, I know!) with the chance of two things happening. Either I would (a) go into labor within 24 hours or (b) nothing would happen. I gave her the go ahead and left the office thinking that I would probably just see her that following Wednesday at my induction.

My Dad, Kaiden and I left and went to Costco to pick up a few items before heading home. At this point it was about an hour after my appointment and I was having cramps and contractions the whole time that we were shopping. A side effect of her stripping my membranes. So I thought. On the way home, I was still contracting and getting more and more uncomfortable. Again, not really believing that I was actually in labor, I told my dad to just keep heading home. After getting home, I threw in a load of laundry and made sure that everything was packed "just in case" this was the real thing. About noon I realized that my contractions were coming about every 5-7 minutes and knew that it was time to head to the hospital. We gathered our stuff and by 12:30 we were on our way.

We got the hospital by 1:00 and when they check me I was a definite 4cm with a bulging bag. My contractions were coming every 3 minutes and getting more intense by the minute. Through every painful contraction the nurse was telling me that she would call the doctor but thought that I would probably have to get up and walk around to make sure that my cervix was changing before they would take me upstairs to L&D. I knew that would be an impossible feat as I was already in so much pain, contractions were coming one right after the other, and I felt like I just wanted to crawl out of my skin. But I humored her and nodded my head in a "whatever you say" sort of way and cursed her through gritted teeth politely asked her to have the friggin' anesthesiologist ready with my epidural ASAP. Thankyouverymuch.

After what seemed like an eternity, the nurse finally came back in and said that I was contracting strongly and frequently enough that they were taking me up to Labor and Delivery. At this point I was a full 6cm and just about to watch myself turn into my full on Exorcist self complete with eyes rolling back in my head and 360 degree head rotation. It wasn't pretty. I was quickly loosing all self control.

About 3:00 I finally had my epidural and thought that I was sitting pretty comfy for the duration of the labor. Boy was I wrong. At this point, I didn't have any pain, per se, just felt an extremely uncomfortable amount of pressure. I ended up going from 6-10 cm in 40 minutes and by 3:40pm was pushing away. Hubs said he never saw me so determined, but I wanted this little lady OUT so with about 9 minutes of pushing, little Miss Madelyn came into the world at 3:49pm.

It was a whirlwind of a labor and I still need to apologize to the staff and my family for acting like such a maniac! But there is a moral to this story...childbirth friggin' hurts. Get the epidural if you expect to maintain even an ounce of sanity.

So, we are home now and I can honestly say that everything has been going relatively smoothly. She mostly sleeps all day and gets up to eat every 3-4 hours. Kaiden has adjusted well to the new baby and likes to kiss her head and gently stroke her arms while often saying "Baby. Baby" over and over again. My mom is still here until Father's Day when we will be left to fend for ourselves with a toddler and a newborn. A thought that has me scared out of my mind! But I know that I better treasure this time when she is sleeping so much and quiet. It won't last long.

It is a blessing to have a new baby girl and we continue to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers throughout my pregnancy. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with posting frequently about the daily changes that happen here in our home. Although sleep is high on the priority scale right now so check back often for short updates on our progress!


Monday, June 8, 2009

She's Here!

On Friday, June 5, 2009 @ 3:49pm we welcomed Madelyn Claire into the world!

Madelyn weighed in at 6lbs 11oz and is 20 1/2 inches long. I delivered her at 38 weeks and 2 days! I thank everyone for their continued support and prayers.

Stay tuned for the full delivery story in the next couple days.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cleaning On A Weekly Schedule

I had an epiphany last week. After trying to think of every way that I could "lure" this baby out of me, and to curb heavy "nesting" urges, I decided that I need to try cleaning my house. But, much to my dismay, I found that I only had the energy to focus on one cleaning project at a time. Turns out that I discovered this may work out in my favor and allow me the ease of cleaning my house at a leisurely pace each week without spending a whole day doing it. There have been many times in the past that I would get to a point when I knew this house needed a thorough cleaning and just cringing at the fact that it may take me a whole day or more to complete that task. Also, with a new baby on the way and a toddler that seems be going 24/7 I know that I need a plan to keep this house tidy and clean in a small amount of time.

So, here is my new cleaning schedule. Hopefully I will be able to stick to it:

Monday-Kitchen. Scrub the sink, wipe down the inside/outside of the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and microwave, and clean the granite and cook-top.
Tuesday-Dust all furniture, TV's and computer.
Wednesday-Bathrooms. Clean sinks, toilets and showers/tubs and Windex mirrors.
Thursday-Vacuum and mop floors
Friday-Free day to do anything that was overlooked or spot clean anything that has gotten dirty since cleaning earlier in the week.

Laundry is an ever-going-on process in my house. I typically throw a load in here and there to keep up with it and don't have any specific day that I do laundry. I try to keep the clothes piles down during the week and only have to worry about doing sheets and towels at some point on the weekend.

I believe this new schedule will save me time and energy each week. As I have already noticed I can get a project done in a small amount of time (usually during Kaiden's nap) and usually have time left over for me to catch up on emails, blogging, phone calls, etc, without wasting a whole day trying to fit in cleaning the house.

Wish me luck and happy cleaning in your house!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Essential Baby Products

In the past few weeks, and especially days, I have been "nesting." Yep, getting all the baby things back out that have been hiding in the back of our garage. Washing all the new girlie clothes and cleaning and organizing every space of this house in preparation for our little one's arrival. Even though I have been through this all before, it still amazes me all the little things that a tiny baby requires. Of course there are items out there that some of think is "essential" but I tried to keep it to a minimum and only buy things if we absolutely felt we could get through the baby phase without them. I mean, really, you could go absolutely insane "thinking" you must have this, you must have that only to really find out that it was a waste of money. I thought I would compile a list of the top 5 items that I felt were "must haves" during the infant stage.

Dr. Brown's bottles
Kaiden seemed to be very gassy from the beginning and after trying several different formulas we finally settled on a lactose free one that seemed to keep most of his spitting up at a minimum. We still had to stop him every 2 ounces or so to make sure to get burp up before finishing the bottle. Otherwise...forget it...we would be wearing the whole dang thing in a few minutes. At first I wasn't too concerned with the name brand of bottles and mostly just stuck with the cheapies from the drug store. As I started to get out more around other moms with infants and saw the EVERYONE was using Dr. Brown's bottles I started to do a little research. In a desperate attempt to curb my son's spit ups, I broke down and bought a few and ended up kicking myself because I didn't buy them sooner. Although he still had issues with spit up, these bottles seem to make the whole feeding experience sooo much better as he was not getting so much air. In my opinion, a must have.

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags
I mean honestly, with all that is going on with your newest addition who wants to stand there every night and boil a pot of water to soak your bottles in? With these bags, you add 2-3 oz of water and plop all the bottle (and pump tubing) into them. Microwave for 3-4 minutes and all the little germies are killed. A time saver in my opinion. They were also fantastic when we traveled as the hotels that we stayed in had a microwave for easy sterilization of all Kaiden's bottles.

Cheap wash cloths
Instead of going out and buying expensive "burp cloths" I went to Walmart and spend $3.00 on a pack of 18 white wash cloths. We used these for spit ups since they were pretty frequent around these parts. I have continued to use them for drool, washing up after a meal, tears, bloody lips, boogery noses and always have one in the diaper bag for things that get all over. Now, don't get me wrong, they are certainly not the softest thing you can use, but as long as you are wiping excessively on their face, then they certainly serve a purpose. For a fraction of the cost.

Bouncy seat
A life saver for me. We have the Rain forest Bouncy seat by Fisher Price. A friend of mine gave this to us when Kaiden was about 4 months old. I couldn't believe that I had lived without it for that long. This particular one has animals that move and lights and music that plays. It was a savor for me while I got a shower, made dinner, did some laundry, etc. Kaiden would be fascinated with this for a long duration of time. I am assuming that it is much better than the bouncy seats that just have a few stuffed animals hanging from them. The kid would definitely get bored with that after a short time.

My theory is that you can never have enough onsies. Especially in the newborn/early infant stage. With all the spit ups, leaky diapers, formula spills, drool and, eventually, food dribbles I was always changing Kaiden into a new onsie. And here in Arizona, in the dead of summer, there is not much else that anyone would want to wear. Make a onsie in an adult size and I'd be a happy camper. Not particularly stunning to look at, but a happy camper none-the-less.

So there you have it. If you are having a baby in the near future, don't get wrapped into all the items out there that you think you must have. In the end, the kid won't know the difference and you will definitely get by without them.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Week 36

Here we are. We hit the big goal! 36 weeks. From here on out it is just a waiting game as to when this little pumpkin wants to grace us with her presence.

My last OB appointment on Thursday I found that I was 2-3cm dilated and still 50% effaced. She also said she could feel kiddos head right there. And yes, I would believe her since she feels, at times, that she is just going to fall right out of me. So, gosh, that could mean that delivery is a few days away or I could go for another couple weeks. It's always such a guessing game, eh?

I have been back to regular activity for a week or so now. I am definitely slower, but I welcome the chance to get up and walk, sit up and, dare I even say, clean. I never thought I would miss cleaning. In fact, one day I spend the entire day clearing out two junk drawers, organizing my closet and doing laundry. Yes, I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day, but I had reached such a euphoric state from cleaning and organizing that it made it all worth it.

I have been having some contractions. Of course, mostly at night when I am trying to get some much needed shut eye. But they don't last more than 2-3 hours and are still very irregular. Usually when I get up to move around or drink a few glasses of water they go away. So, I think by that, we are going to be looking at a delivery date sooner than later. I hope sooner, as I am not quite sure how much more my skin will stretch.
Here I am at 36 weeks preggo...
I am pleased to announce that hubs and I finally agreed on a name. Ironically enough, it is the name that we have both liked pretty much since we found out that we were pregnant with a little girl. So that is a huge relief!

Stay tuned for the arrival of our little princess!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Things Baby

So what else do you talk about when you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your newest addition?

Anyways, there has been a lot going on in our household and for some reason I haven't had a minute to blog myself, or even get a chance to read other's blogs. So I have a ton to catch up on! I feel so out of touch with the outside world that I hardly know what day it is or what I had for breakfast this morning. But I am sure that it probably wasn't that good for me as I am trying to savor all the ooey gooey goodies that I can while I am still can. Cause it's gonna be back to eating right and working out as soon as this mama delivers.

So, where do I begin? Hmmm....well, let's start with this past Tuesday at my baby shower! A friend of mine called me the previous Tuesday and said that she wanted to throw me a shower but time was getting slim. Besides the fact that I was still on semi-bed rest and didn't know when and where she was going to do it. So, she asked if we could have it here at my house...the next Tuesday night! Talk about last minute planning! But, hey, I am usually up for anything, so I gave her the green light. I didn't have to do a thing except be ready for the guest to show up at 6pm. Simple.

It ended up being a wonderful evening and tons of fun! I must say that our little girl will surely be the best dressed in town. How fun are baby girl clothes?!?!?!

Then on Thursday I had my weekly OB appointment. I was to get my LAST progesterone shot. Can I get an AMEN?!?! At this appointment I found out that I am 1cm dilated all the way through and 50% effaced. So just increasing my activity from the previous week has pushed me right along and things are starting to happen. Who knows though, I could stay this way for a couple weeks, but then again we could be welcoming her into the world any day now. And although I am officially back to "regular activity" she does want me to take it easy a bit to at least try and make it to Wednesday when I will be 36 weeks.

Yesterday we went crib and stroller shopping. Yes, we still don't have a place for this little one to rest her tiny head except for the pack and play that we will probably use for the first few months. It's all so overwhelming to me. This crib does this. This dresser has 5 drawers compared the 7 small/non-functional drawers on this dresser. This stroller weighs more than you and me combined but is a front to back style while this stroller sits side-to-side and doesn't have cup holders. My head is spinning. It's all too much. And, seriously, what did people do before double strollers?

All in all I think we are pretty ready. The bags are packed and ready to go. And dare I say that we even have a name picked out! I think hearing the "you are 1cm and 50% effaced" bit helped us to finally get our butt in gear and narrow down our options. And wouldn't you know it, it's gonna be the name that we liked right from the very beginning but were too afraid to "commit" to.

So now we just sit and wait. And hopefully stock up on sleep. Cause we all know that will be a looong time before we get a good night of 8 uninterrupted hours of some shut eye.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ode To Moms

Before I was a Mom-
I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby.
I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous.
I never thought about immunizations.

Before I was a Mom -
I had never been puked on.
Pooped on.
Chewed on.
Peed on.
I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts.
I slept all night.

Before I was a Mom-
I never held down a screaming child so doctors could do tests.
Or give shots.
I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.
I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.

Before I was a Mom-
I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put them down.
I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt.
I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much.
I never knew that I could love someone so much.
I never knew I would love being a Mom.

Before I was a Mom-
I didn't know the feeling of having my heart outside my body.
I didn't know how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby.
I didn't know that bond between a mother and her child.
I didn't know that something so small could make me feel so important and happy.

Before I was a Mom-
I had never gotten up in the middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.
I had never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the heartache, the wonderment or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much, before I was a Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mommies!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Slacker Say "What?"

Go ahead. Call me a slacker. Just not to my face, please.

Man, has it really been that long since I provided you all with my most intimate thoughts here on blog diggity? Sorry to say that I really have had a lot to blog about, but let me tell you that every time I actually make an attempt to type my thoughts I am overwhelmed with feelings of pure and utter exhaustion and can't even bring myself to muster up the energy to actually type anything that isn't nonsensical bibble babble.

So I guess to spare you a novel here I will do another bullet point random post.
  • I am 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant today. Can I just say that I feel every day of this pregnancy. Last night our little princess kept kicking me in my pelvis. And hard too. At one point I actually yelled "Owwww!" out loud cause it hurt so bad. But my OB said that, again, I can increase my activity a bit more. No more cervical changes this week. And she isn't going to do any more Fetal Fibronectin's cause once I get to 36 weeks she could care less if I went into labor. Well, not that she doesn't care, but you get the point. All the milestones will be hit then she is free to grace us with her presence at any time.
  • Kaiden is starting to really say some actual words now. There was a period when the nurse that visits us to track his development was concerned that he wasn't saying anything....except a bunch of babble. We even had a speech therapist out to the house for an evaluation since he wasn't even saying Mama/Dada at 16 months. But within the past two weeks he started coming out with "Hi Mama/Daddy," "Bye Mommy/Daddy," "Elmo," "Car," "Baby," and even makes the sound for "uh oh" when he drops something. It is so funny to see him change so much in such a short period of time. Precious.
  • Can I just tell you how hot it is here? It's hot. There. That's the last you will hear me say anything about it. Until, of course, it reaches 120 and we are stuck in our home like prisoners with a rambunctious toddler and newborn. Then I may have to whine about it a bit more.
  • I have decided that the cookies at Paradise Bakery must be a little piece of heaven here on earth. I mean, seriously people, can a cookie get any better than that? And what makes it even better is that they give it to you for FREE every time you get a meal. I just want to bathe in a tubful of their chocolate chip cookies. I think I deserve it.
  • I just checked my FEEDJIT and someone from NY actually found my blog by googling, "16 year old boobs grew enormous overnight." Well NY, congratulations on that. It took me 31 years to see that happen. And, unfortunately, they won't stay around for much longer as after this pregnancy they will likely deflate back to the size of peas. Thankyouverymuch.
  • My husband sent me 18 red roses yesterday for Mother's Day. It was so sweet. They came with a box of chocolates too. But since it is 100 degrees here now the chocolates were all melted all over the box. Don't think that I didn't call them right up and tell them that they needed to send out a new box of chocolates. Cause I totally did. They should be here soon. And they better not be melted again, cause I will totally call back and request another!

Well, I am going to take a nap while I have a chance. I promise that I won't take this long of a break again. Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Week 32

I can't even believe that I have actually made it to 32 weeks. The past couple of weeks have been somewhat of a nail biter, but all in all I am feeling good. Even though I turned 32 weeks on Wednesday I wanted to wait until today to post after I got all the news back from my OB and the testing.

Each week has brought pretty good news from my OB. So far I have not had any additional cervical changes and all my Fetal Fibronectin's have been negative. Today was the "big day" when I found out, officially, that I can increase my activity a bit and be able to get up and about for a few hours per day. I did that today, and I must say that a few hours is all I can even handle at this point. Having been in bed for so long I seem to get light headed and weak after only a short period of activity. So, week by week, as long as we continue on this path she will let me do more and more until 35 weeks when she says I can pretty much resume normal activity as I will be far along enough that the baby will have met all of the major milestones.

My Dad arrived last week and has been a huge blessing! Kaiden has kept him super busy and I get the feeling that is a little more work then he originally thought. No one truly understands what it means to have the "job" of being a stay-at-home parent until they are actually thrown into it.

I have graduated from using 3 pillows at night to 4. One for my head. One body pillow on one side, another at my back and one to hug. I still wonder how hubs finds room in the bed. Sorry honey! Even with all those pillows there are many nights I find myself tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position. Ugh. I am not used to being this pregnant!

As of last Thursday I still weighed in at 144 lbs. This has been the same for the past 4 weeks. So, doc said, "Eat. More." Not that I haven't been eating, I guess I just have never been a huge eater. Especially now when I feel like I get full so much quicker. But since then, I think I have had ice cream almost every other night. With whipped cream. And chocolate sauce. And cherries. Yum. I think I will have some right now. It seems to have paid off since yesterday I weighed in at 146 lbs. Thanks Ben. Thanks Jerry. Doc was proud of me.

So all in all we just keep going on this path and see how much further it leads us.

Here I am at 32 weeks preggo. Don't mind my ugliness. That's what happens when you can't do anything to yourself except jump in for a quick shower.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cheesesteaks, Sickies and Ballroom Dancing: Random Tuesday Thoughts

I have been MIA from the blogging world for the past week. But, believe me, I have had a hell of an excuse. So, I am over it and ready to randomize my thoughts.
  • My goal for next year is to make it on Dancing With The Stars. I heart that show. I mean, come on, if they took that guy from "Jackass" and deemed him a "celebrity" then they will certainly take lil ole me. Right? I basically just want to get on there long enough to learn the Ramba. That dance is so sexy, eh?
  • Kaiden has been recovering from the flu and an ear infection which started last week. He started running a low grade fever last Monday. It finally got bad enough and hubs took him to the doc on Wednesday. Actually his fever just broke yesterday afternoon. It was awful. I seriously thought that we were gonna have to run to the hospital if it didn't go away. But today he seems to be almost back to his old self. And guess what? He managed to get mama sick in the process. Thanks buddy. I owe ya one. Good thing is that I am starting to feel a lot better today. Minus this nasty cough that is hovering in my chest.
  • I got another clear from the OB on Friday. No cervical changes and a negative FFN. I just have to make it 2 more weeks with no changes and she said she would increase my activity a bit. Fingers crossed. Cause mama needs to get movin'. This lying around all. day. long. is for the birds.
  • My Dad is flying in from PA tonight. Reinforcements are finally coming and it couldn't come at a better time! I am sure Kaiden will love having G-pa here. And I hope he did his cardio before he gets here cause he is going to be busy, busy, busy.
  • After I have this baby and hopefully can make it back into my size 4's within 3 months (what? If the Hollywood stars can do it, so can I. Right?) then I want to go on "What Not To Wear." After watching every episode at least 10 times each I am fully convinced that I am "fashionably challenged." Stacy and Clinton, come save me. Oh, and bring me your $5000.
  • I totally want to eat a Philly Cheesesteak. The other night I was watching a show on the Food Network or Travel Channel (I can't remember which) that focused on the "best places to get a steak" and they featured Philadelphia's own Geno's and Pat's Steaks. Oh, Philly steak sandwich with Whiz, how I miss you....let me count the ways. Throw a Philly soft pretzel on the side, a Yuengling Lager to wash it down and a Tastykake for dessert and I am pretty sure that is what heaven serves for dinner every Friday night.
Okay...if you are looking for more randomness this fine Tuesday visit Keely at the Un Mom.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Today is Tuesday and I am feeling a little "random" today. So, here is my sad attempt to make an interesting post out of all my randomness...

  • Remember when I made fun of the lady that came to the vet and said she needed an appointment for her dog to get an anal cleanse done? Welp, hubs had to take Paco to the vet yesterday cause he has not been himself lately. He has been licking is rear end and dragging it along the floor. Not to mention that he has been laying in bed all. day. long. He is usually attached to my side no matter where I am, but not the past couple of days. So, the vet said he had an infection in one of his anal glands. They did an anal cleanse and gave us some antibiotics to clear up the infection. I guess I will no longer be making fun of anyone that takes their dog to the vet for an anal cleanse. Who knew?!
  • This little princess has been getting the hiccups a lot lately. At first I didn't realize that was what it was. Then it dawned on me after I felt this rhythmic nudging in the same place for like 10 minutes....she's got the hiccups! She has been getting them every day now a couple times a day. I can't help by smile when it happens.
  • Does anyone "get" Twitter? I am trying it out, if nothing else, to satisfy my curiosity and, I'll be honest, I still don't get it. It's like Facebook status updates without all the fun of Facebook. Sure you can "follow" some pretty ridiculous people and see what they are up to. But for the most part, I think that I would rather stick to Facebook.
  • Yesterday I drank a gallon of water. For real. I seriously thought I was going to float away. I don't know if I actually accomplished this task more for the bragging rights or for the freedom it gives me to actually get out of bed to use the restroom every half hour. Either way, that's a lot of dang water.
  • I soooo want one of those I-phone things. I see the commercials of what that little bad boy can do and I have fully convinced myself that it will make my life easier. Despite not really having the need to print anything from my phone, ring up a credit card, track Fed Ex packages or expect that I will need to hang anything in my house and be at a loss to where my "level" is. I still think that I need one. Or maybe I have just been watching too much TV.
  • I never in my life wanted to clean my house as badly as I do right now. And I never, in a million years, thought those words would ever flow so freely from my lips. It has been killing me to watch the dust slowly grow inches thick on everything. And my bathrooms, ick. Don't get me started. They soooo need some major TLC. It takes all my will power to not get out of bed and do a major cleaning. But, being the good bed rest patient that I am, I have decided to enlist the help of my friend. Bless her heart. She is going to clean my house today after she brings Kaiden back for his afternoon nap.
  • I have to have an ultrasound on Wednesday just to make sure the this little lady is growing properly. I fully intend to ask them to please make sure that she is still a girl. For the third time. I don't know why, but I have visions of me delivering this kid and them shouting, "Congratulations, it's a boy!" and being like, "No sorry, you must have the wrong baby there cause we were told we were having a girl." Maybe it's just that 10 weeks after finding out the sex of this baby it still doesn't seem real!
So I think that will do it for now. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, April 3, 2009

One Week Down...

Basically this bed rest thing has me at a loss for an exciting topic to blog about and has me blogging about nothing except me on bed rest. Cause, let's face it, what is exciting when you are on bed rest?

Let me just start by saying that it is B-O-R-I-N-G. Boring with a capital "B." Oh my goodness. But in order get through this I have to find the positives in it at some point. So, even though I am bored out of my mind and even though I would probably rather jab my eyeballs out with a dull knife then lay here all day, I will say that it is far better then me being in the hospital on bed rest. At least I have my own shower, toilet, bed and couch. Oh, and food. At least I can watch a movie, surf the Internet, and open the windows for some fresh air. I joked with my OB this morning that I am trying to find all the positives about doing "nothing" all day long. I told her that this may be the one and only time for the next 18 years that I will have this much "me" time, so I better enjoy it while I can.

So our schedule seems to be in order and the week went surprisingly smooth. Our dear friend has been so kindly watching Kaiden in the mornings for us. She either picks him up here at the house, or hubs drops him off in the morning. He plays there for a few hours and she drops him back off here at home by 12:30 all fed, changed, exhausted and ready for a nap. She puts him down and he dozes off for the next 2-3 hours giving me time to reluctantly find my way back to bed for the afternoon. Hubs usually makes it home by 3:00. Just in time to get changed, relax with me for 5 minutes then get Kaiden up from his nap.

This schedule has really worked out well for us. And due to our friend's financial situation it gives her a chance to make a few extra bucks on the side while we have the comfort of knowing he is great hands. It's been a blessing.

My Dad, however, was forced into retirement a few months early due to the lack of work in his field. So, fortunately for us, he has booked a one way ticket to come and stay with us for as long as we need him. He will be arriving the Tuesday after Easter. This will be a HUGE help to us and Kaiden will just LOVE having Grandpa around to play with.

I am really proud of the way hubs has been handling this new load of responisibility. He has really stepped up to the plate to take on the extra work. I know he has so much stress at work and the pressure of providing for his family, but he comes home every day with a smile on his face ready to take on the task of being both Mommy and Daddy. Making breakfast, lunches, dinners. Feeding, changing, bathing and putting Kaiden to bed. Keeping the house picked up and organized. All while he is working on top of it. It's a lot for him. I recognize that. But we both know this is temporary and we can get through it!

My OB appointment today is considered a success since my cervix hasn't changed any since last week. She is going to order another ultrasound just to make sure little princess is growing properly. She indicated that I am measuring the same as last week, so just to be sure, she wants the ultrasound. So, the goal is to make it another week without any cervical changes, no contractions and stay pregnant!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Nursing Debate

On Friday and Saturday I had to go to the hospital to get my series of two steroid shots. While I was there they also monitored me for any contractions. Which, praise God, I am not having any thus far. Both times, before I could leave, they ask you the same never-ending slew of questions and inputed my answers into their computer.

Is this your first pregnancy? How much do you weigh? What was your weight before you got pregnant? What is your due date? Do you have any allergies to drugs or latex? Do you have a living will? If you were in an emergency situation would you like a blood transfusion? Are you planning on having an epidural? What is your favorite color? Do you prefer pepperoni or sausage on your pizza?

Okay, just kidding about those last two. I was seeing if you were still paying attention. But seriously. Don't you have that all in there from the previous day? The one that always gets me is, "Do you plan on breast feeding, bottle feeding or both?" In which I shamefully lower my head and mumble, "Um, well, ahhhh, I guess bottle feed."

Even before I had children and we were thinking about starting a family I never had the "urge" to breast feed. Throughout my pregnancy with Kaiden I can honestly say that never once did I say, "I would really like to at least try." Hubs always encouraged me to give it a whirl before I ruled it out completely. I reluctantly agreed that would be the plan. I would try it and then make a definitive decision from there. Yes, I know it is absolutely the best thing for my babies. Yes, I know about all the benefits. Yes, I know that your kids will probably be smarter, healthier, thinner and less hyperactive then mine if you breast feed. And, yes, I felt, and still feel, extremely guilty that this desire still is just not within me.

So when Kaiden was born and whisked off to the NICU I never got a chance to actually start breast feeding. I did start pumping, however, the next day in hopes that my milk would come in. A few days later, and feeling like my chest would literally explode from the worst engorgement EVER (my mammary glands hurt just thinking about it), I finally got some supply going. I pumped around the clock every 2-3 hours and would take my milk to the hospital everyday so that they could feed it to Kaiden through his feeding tube.

Towards the end of Kaiden's stay in the NICU, they did let me try to get him to latch on for a bit but they still needed to monitor everything that he was ingesting. I never did have a great supply of milk, and by the end of his stay he was eating more than I could produce. I guess it's true when they say that your baby is your best pump. And quite honestly, even when I brought him home I can't say that I fully gave him a chance to really latch on to eat more than a few minutes. Eventually, two weeks after I brought him home, I dried up and we went to full bottles.

So, here I am with this pregnancy debating the same scenario. Do I give it a try again? Or knowing that my heart and mind just wasn't into it do I just stick with a bottle right from the beginning? It's a hard decision as I know how society makes you feel. I constantly get the question, "Are you going to breast feed? Did you breast feed your first born?" And every time I answer it I feel shameful. I often feel like I am a bad mom for not trying harder or not wanting to even consider it this time around.

I guess I will leave it up in the air and make that final decision once the little lady makes her way into this world. I haven't ruled out trying completely, but believe me, I am fully leaning on just going with bottles from the get-go.

On a slightly more positive note, I saw my OB again this morning. She checked my cervix and I am still about 1/2 cm dilated. My Fetal Fibronectin from Friday was negative! Which is a huge sigh of relief considering it is pretty accurate in predicting that I won't be going into labor within the next two weeks.

I survived my first weekend of bed rest, despite wanting to get up and do something. Anything, for that matter, other than lay around and feel completely unproductive! My husband has been a trooper and has handled Mommy AND Daddy duty like a champ. We know it is not forever and will keep trudging along for the sake of this princess.

Who, by the way, still doesn't have a name.

Friday, March 27, 2009

And I Thought It Would Be Fun

Bed rest. I thought it might actually be fun. No having to run around. No having to cook or clean. No having to do laundry. Just lay around all day long and watch TV. Blog. Read. Sleep. Sounds like the ultimate dream, right?!?! I am afraid I may be mistaken.

So I went to my weekly OB appointment today and, you guessed it, I am now on bed rest. At least for the time being. She checked my cervix and my inner cervix has dilated 1/2 cm. So, she shuffled me off to the hospital to begin "plan B," as she so eloquently called it. The first of two steroid shots (which I will have to go back in 24 hours for the second. This will help develop the baby's lungs quicker) and she also wanted to have me monitored for contractions. I haven't felt any, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't something going on. So, away I went.

They hooked me up to measure the baby's heart rate and any contractions that I may be having. Thankfully, the nurse said she only saw one small contraction the whole time I was there. So, at least that is a good sign. They gave me my shot (I am starting to feel like a lab rat with all these shots) and away I went to begin my weekend in bed.

Doc did another Fetal Fibronectin while I was at the office and I will get those results back on Monday since she wants me back into the office for a follow up. Hopefully they are negative!!! She did say that depending on how my cervix continues to progress (or not) she may lift the bed rest restriction a bit, but at this point she is being extra careful since we are in that "red zone" of when I delivered Kaiden.

I have only been at home for a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes. In that time, hubs made me lunch and put Kaiden down for a nap. Then I headed straight to the bedroom, being the good patient that I am, to start my bed rest. I have a feeling that this isn't going to be as easy as I once thought. I already have had urges to get up to throw a load of laundry in, clean the hall bathroom and tidy up the toys. It's gonna be a long few weeks or as long as I can hold this kiddo in.

Pray for me. I may need some Divine Intervention to get through this!