Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Whine

Another addition of Wednesday Whine. Because it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to.

I'm guesstimating here, but about a year or two ago the city of Scottsdale had this brilliant idea to test out the use of photo radar on the Scottsdale side of the Loop 101 here in AZ. For those not from around these parts, it's one of the major freeways that runs in a loop around the whole city. Go figure. Loop 101, runs in a loop around the get the point. Highly traveled, highly congested road. But anyways, every 4-5 miles or so they put these radars up that would take your picture if you were going about 10 miles/hour over the 65 mile/hour speed limit. After awhile if you travel that section of the freeway often enough you sort of knew when they were coming so you could slow down within the normal range of speed so you didn't get caught. So, we thought that we had this "scheme" all figured out.

Apparently the City of Phoenix thought this was such a brilliant idea (i.e. it made them so much friggin' money from the speeders that didn't slow down and freed the cops up from having to sit on the side of the road actually using their hand speed detectors) that the whole city has now adopted this idea and put these photo radars throughout every highway in this place. I noticed these new "eyes" watching me a couple of months ago on the west side of the Loop 101 as about every 1/2 mile before the camera they are nice enough to warn you with a sign that you are coming up on a photo radar. Thanks City of Phoenix. That was so considerate. Up until this point I have been savvy enough following the rules like a good little girl that I am and have not gotten a ticket.

So, to make a long story short, my parents came to visit the week of Thanksgiving. I drove them to the airport the day that they were leaving. As I was driving down the I-17 (another major freeway in Phoenix) I noticed that they had the flippin' cameras there too! So, I thought I would play it cool and travel no more than the 10 miles/hour over the 65 mile/hour speed limit that is on every other road here in the city. Well, apparently somewhere around the airport they change the speed limit to 55 miles/hour. As I drove by one of the cameras I saw it flash.

Oh, @$%^&$#(@!

I looked at my speedometer and it was right around 70. I thought, "Well, I should be okay. I'm only 5 miles/hour over. Maybe it was just the sun reflecting off the camera." I even started looking for speed limit signs and for the next 4-5 miles before I got off at our exit and saw none. So I figured it had to be a 65 zone. Well, you know what happened next.

I got a friggin' ticket in the mail.

They even include the picture of you in your envelope. As, if to say, "hey there TRACEY....we seeeeeee you!" And to make matters worse...I was smiling. So, they clocked me at 69 miles/hour in a 55. Yep, it was a 55. Good thing you marked it well, City of Phoenix. I really appreciate that. You can take your $180.00 and shove it.

Oh, and uh, Merry Christmas.


Tracy said...

ROFL!!! At least you were smiling! (Ok, ducking now and disappearing before you can throw something at me...)

Trish said...

Smiling??? Who can smile when the 'gotcha' police are on duty. I hate stupif traffic tickets. AND even worse- why is there no one around to get the BIGGEST offenders when you need 'em? SO I was 4 minutes late to feed the meter... THAT GONNA COST ME $35? Meanwhile there are about 100 people who are driving alone in thier car IN THE CAR POOL LANE because they are more important than you and hwere ever you are going is thereby WAY more important and then there was that assault down the street... Seems like we need more actual cops and less traffic cops and meter maids. I often write them a letter with my ticket to try and get out of it and diplomatically give them a peice of my mind. I'm 60-40 to date... I've only had to pay about 40% of my traffic tickets. There isn't a paper bag I can't talk my way out of...

Karen said...

Those traffic cameras just tick me off too!

BTW, thanks for participating in the Wednesday Whine.

Katie said...

I have one word: 1984. Well actually, that's not a word, it's a number. But Big Brother is watching...

Mike Donofrio said...

that's one of the only reasons that I hated the Phoenix area when I was there two years ago...the scottsdale camera system. Only, as a visitor, you don't get a chance to be "savvy" just get three tickets in the mail....totalling about $500 bucks. Luckily, via a loophole in the rental car system, I only had to pay one of them (they never had me sign the rental agreement...accordingly, I never agreed to not allow anyone else to drive the car...and two pics clearly showed my wife behind the wheel)

Screw Scottsdale!