Monday, December 15, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

This year we decided to get a fake Christmas tree instead of a real one. It was a sad day when we finally made that decision, but in Arizona it just makes the most sense. Last year we ended up driving to Flagstaff and cutting down our own (thinking it was the freshest way to do things and it would last longer) only to have the same issues of it drying out pretty quickly and the needles still falling all over the place. Then due to the fact that we can't just leave it out in our trash, we had to pay another $25 for someone to come and haul it away. It just wasn't worth it. Also contributing to our decision is that Kaiden is eating pretty much everything that he can get his paws on. I can see it now...I would be fishing pine needles out of his mouth all Christmas season. I'm just not up for it.

So we have been on a quest for the "perfect" fake tree. Cause if we are gonna go fake, I certainly want it to look good. Without paying a fortune. So, the best one we could find was one at Costco. It's so divine, in fact, that it really does look like a real tree. The problem. It's 9 1/2 feet tall. Now, that's certainly not an issue for us this Christmas as our ceilings are 12 feet tall. And it'll probably look pretty darn perty sitting in the corner of my living room so tall and fluffy. But, we don't know what our future holds for us at this point. Maybe we will decide it's time to fly this coop and move on. In that case, will we always have 12 foot ceilings when the standard height is 8? Probably not. So, that did it for us right there. No 9 1/2 foot tree for us.

The quest continued. And continued. And continued. Why do all fake trees look so, well, fake? After weeks and weeks of looking, hubs made an executive decision yesterday. We will get a cheap disposable tree that will get us by this year and continue our quest for one that we can use in the future. Possibly we can even find a really good one on sale after Christmas. He jumped in the car, drove to Fry's and bought us a fake 6 footer for the bargain price of 28 bucks and some change. And let me tell you something. It's not worth even that much! It truly is our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

We put it up last night and it now proudly sits in it's own little corner. Only this year, instead of sticking it in the corner where if we opened the shades it would be seen from the street we humbly put it in the opposite corner. Let's just say that this one won't be one that we are proud to show off! I still need to decorate it (and hopefully it will hold most of our ornaments without toppling over) but at least we can say that we have a tree this year for us all to enjoy!

Kaiden was eager to help set up the new tree
Looks pretty darn easy to me...

Hubs is so proud of his tree. Here it is before I got to "fluff" its branches!'s a doozy!

Up and ready to go. Now just turn on the lights, slap on a few decorations and we have ourselves a true Charlie Brown tree!


chandy said...

We did the same thing, and here we are 3 (4? maybe) years later still using the same cheap-o tree! We've finally vowed that we will be getting a nicer tree for next year and I'll probably be checking the after-Christmas clearance deals too. Let me know if you find any great sales!

liz said...

You're right! It's a beauty! Did you try putting Kaiden's blanket around the bottom??? Maybe it will grow like Charlie Brown's!

UR MOM said...

Good Grief T-luv,
I think you guys made a smart choice & hey, a little humor goes a long way....

Besides, when you consider your previous post re: Charlie Brown's
Christmas...I think it's the perfect tree for you!

Katie said...

Hey, fake trees are the way to go. The cheaper the better. Ours is a hand me down fake tree.