Monday, December 29, 2008

A Life Lesson

I haven't really been on my computer since early last week with the holidays and all so this extra few minutes that I have before little man wakes up was feeling a little precious to me. So I thought. Then I logged on and checked my email for what I thought would be just the usual junk mail, a few forwards, a couple "hello" notes from friends...ya know the usual. But this morning I got an email that pretty much made me stop. And think. And cry.

I started attending a Mom's group at our church last semester to pawn my kid off on the childcare staff enjoy a few hours with other Christian women every other week. Through that group I learned of a fellow attender that suddenly found their family facing the news that her husband had developed cancer this past summer. I must admit I didn't know Shelly at all since we didn't sit at the same table. I think I only was introduced to her briefly once. But, this morning when I received an email that her husband had suddenly passed away on Friday it took me by surprise. Honestly, last I had "heard" he seemed to be doing well with the chemo and things were looking up.

So, anyways, it makes you stop and think. Here is this woman, with 4 children that has suddenly lost her husband. What would I do in that situation? Would I have the strength to be strong? How many times in the past week with the stress of the holidays (and our bouts of a stomach virus that has made me feel crappy and on edge) did I "bark" at my husband? How many times did I go to bed without telling him that I loved him? How many times did I get annoyed because he left a bowl or plate in the sink again without putting it in the dishwasher? Probably too many to count.

It's another lesson that shows you that you never know what life will throw your way. God has the power and control to take someone that we love so very much out of our lives here on earth in an instant. So, why not count our blessings today? Let the little things go. Hug our loved ones a little tighter. Kiss them a little longer and let them know that you love and appreciate them for the person that they are. Be kinder to those around us. Reach out and help someone in need. I, for one, am going to make a better effort to do so.

You can read about Shelly on her blog. She wrote a beautiful letter to her husband on Saturday that shows her love for her husband and her faith in the Lord.


Tracy said...

Wow, thank you for sharing this. What a sad and powerful reminder to count our blessings and show our love to those we love. So sad. I'll say a prayer for her.

liz said...

You are so right. . . I, for one, will make a New Year's resolution right now! I'm off to read Shelly's blog.

Susan said...

Wow...thanks for the story. Today's the day I am home waiting to find out if I still have a job, and that was exactly what I needed to hear. Doesn't matter as long as I have my family and we are all healthy. I am going to check out the letter, but with all the emotion I have today, I think I actually need to wait or I could possibly break down. Thanks for the great post.