Monday, December 1, 2008

Cool Eats

In the past 24 hours here is a list of the things that I have pulled out of Kaiden's mouth.
  • An uncooked spaghetti noodle. Measuring approximately 2 cm long. I am still wondering how he found that thing.
  • Rocks from our yard. Now that he has started walking (May God help us all) I took him outside to "discover" the world around him. Apparently rocks taste good to him.
  • Rocks/pebble like things from our gas fireplace. Luckily it wasn't on, but he did manage to open the glass doors and find these "decorative" rock things and put them in his mouth.
  • Thread. So tiny I barely could see it. But must have looked appetizing just sitting there on the floor. So, why not eat it?
  • A dead bug. Protein, I guess.
  • A tampon. In the wrapper, but still.
  • A panty liner. See above.
  • A clean sock. Yes, all those hours of laundry and I now I have to wash them yet again. No wonder it seems like I get nothing accomplished.
  • Dog food.
Yes, that is my day. Filled with pulling non-eatable items from my kids mouth. You would think the kid is malnourished or something. Believe me, far from it!


Dorsey said...

Yea, my kids did the same thing...hey if it tastes good, it MUST be safe!!

Katie said...

The joys of toddlerhood! How I look forward to them all again. I was thinking about you since you haven't posted in a while. I hope you're feeling well & not spending your mornings throwing up toothpaste, lol! Be well!

Melissa Darby said...

My little one ate part of a plastic bag on Thanksgiving, I thought we were going to have to make a holiday trip to the ER!

Susan said...

Oh my god - the tampon and pantyliner top all others! At least he didn't tape the pantyliner to your back while you walked around for hours clueless!

liz said...

Hey! That's my dog's diet!!!!

Notwifezilla said...

All that to look forward to. Moira finds socks to be better than any teething biscuits around! Jackie

Just me said...

LOL That's funny;) All four of my guys did the same thing. My son ate a penny when he was toddler! I was told I tried to eat a stamp! I guess I know where he gets it from;) LOL

ashley said...

tracey, get used to it. its something that aiden still does, at 18 months....=)