Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Paco!

Dear Paco,

Where has the time gone my little yappy pants? I remember like yesterday the day Daddy and I brought you to your new home. It was a little apartment in Phoenix that we were living in 4 years ago. We snuck you in because we didn't want to pay the non-refundable pet deposit since we knew we were moving out in a couple months. And when you cried like a baby the first few nights, we hoped that everyone around us wouldn't turn us in for having an "illegal pet." We were less honest then, but not any less cheap. Ever since then you have happily followed us through our many adventures.

Mommy had always wanted a dog from the time she can remember. Being the deprived child that I was after years and years and years (and years) of begging, your grandparents just would never give in to my tears and get me a dog like every other kid on the block. I had to settle for gerbils. Or hermit crabs. But I knew that one day, when I was old enough to be a mom, I would get my own four legged friend to call my own. So when my friend's dog had puppies, and she was looking for someone to give them a loving home, I knew that you and I were meant to be.

It has been 4 wonderful years having you as our "first born." Even though you have adjusted to being the "low man on the totem pole" since the baby was born, and even though you bark at every slight noise that you hear outside (especially when the baby is trying to nap), and even though you still pee on the floor when you have a doggie door that you know how to use to get you out to the backyard, and even though every time we mention the word "walk" or "bath" you bolt to hide under the bed, and even though you lick my hand so many times and for so long that I think that when I look down I will have no skin left, we still love you more than you will ever know.

You have been a faithful companion and a loving addition to our family. You will always be mamma's biggest snuggle buddy.

I love you, you crazy canine.
Da Mamas


Debra said...


Too cute! We have friends, Derek & Kelly, who have 3 dogs, and they love them just like this!

Happy Birthday Paco!

Good to hear from you, my friend. Hope you are feeling fine and all is well. Blessings to you!

Dorsey said...

Happy birthday Paco! Sparc-E's (pronounced Sparky, hubby's a computer nerd and other nerd get it..HA!) birthday is next week.

Kristen said...

How funny and cute!!

We too snuck our first "fur kid" into our apt, not to pay the extra rent too!!

Happy 4th Birthday to your first born! :)

Mama said...

OK, enough "parent bashing"....I feel the guilt.
If I had known then, what I now sweet a little Paco could be, I would have given in.
Sorry my little Trixie. So happy you finally got your wish!

Trish said...

Good ol' Paco got to turn '30 something' (dog years) with the rest of us! Manny happy yappies from the Fegley Family Farm.