Friday, October 3, 2008


So hubs left us this morning (again) on a much deserved vacation. For a week. To Cabo. Without me. No, I'm not jealous. Ok, so that's a lie.

His friend is a Cabo freak. Seriously, he goes probably 8-10 times per year. No joke. Anyways, he has been bugging hubs to venture along with him one of these times for a "male bonding adventure." I don't know if men really have the ability to "bond," but hey, who am I to judge. So, they have been planning this vacation for the past 5 months or so. They are going to golf, fish and hopefully get some good relaxing beach time in.

I know hubs needs it. He works in the financial arena and with all this stock market craziness going on, he has been super stressed out. Clients calling constantly. Some nice, some not so nice. People have been losing a lot of money in this crazy market and some of them like to blame hubs. Like he has control over the market or something. People. Don't you wish they would all go away? I know, I know, "love thy neighbor."

So anyways, last night we were having a conversation that went something like this:

Me: "So are you excited to leave for your vacation tomorrow?"
Hubs: "Yeah. I feel bad leaving you, though."
Me: "You should." (smirk) "Are your clients going to miss you?"
Hubs: "Yeah. You know the last thing I should be doing is going on vacation right now with the market the way it is."
Me: "So what are you going to do then?"
Hubs: "Go on vacation."
Me: (laughing)

Don't you just love a man that has his priorities in line?!

Have fun, honey. You deserve it. And when you get home, if I survive this week without you, then I'll need a vacation too.


Melissa Darby said...

You are a much more understanding wife than I am!

Dorsey said...

WOW!! What a great wife you are!! All I know is I'd either want a GREAT souvenir when he gets back or a SPA DAY!! hehe

Tiffanie said...

So when's your vacation? Just kidding... From your blog, your husband seems great and surly deservs it.

PS for the record... I might be able to get into my jeans, but i have stretch marks like no other! So, I don't get to eat my cake too. :)

Susan said...

Dear Tracey,
That's the secret to a successful marriage' daughter dear...allowing ea. other some space...makes the "together time" more appreciated! You are a wise woman & great wife...