Monday, October 13, 2008

Sippy Cup Training

Reason 1286 why I was a better parent before I actually had a child: "I'll have my kid off a bottle by 12 months old. Come on, how hard can it be for them to get used to drink out of a sippy cup?"

Reality: My kid wants no part of a sippy cup and actually freaks out if I offer it to him instead of his bottle. He. Ain't. Havin'. It.

So we went to Kaiden's 12 month checkup last week and the doctor walked in just as I was sticking a bottle in his mouth. During our appointment as he was asking his typical developmental questions:

Doc: "Is he walking yet?
Me: "Just behind his push truck."
Doc: "Is he saying any words?"
Me: "Just MaMa and DaDa."
Doc: "Did you switch him to milk yet?"
Me: "I am in the process now of making the switch."
Doc: "Oh, and you really want to get him off a bottle by 15 months and have him drinking out of a cup."


Me: "Oh, okay. But I am having a little trouble getting him to take a sippy cup still." (Little trouble is an understatement.)
Doc: "Just keep offering it to him. He might even like it now since he will be drinking milk from it. Some kids like milk better."
Me: (Easy for him to say.) "I'll keep trying."

I walked out of there in a panic.

My mission (and I guess I have no choice but to accept it):
Get my kid to embrace the sippy cup within the next 3 months, and I'm so not sure how to get this done.

I actually bought his sippy cups when he was 6 months old and started to, infrequently, offer it to him. He never got the concept of sucking from it. But, I would remove the valve and actually just pour the water or juice in his mouth thinking if he knew what was in there he would then he would want to take it. Nope. I gradually started to offer it to him more and more during lunch and dinner and sometimes in between meals. But, he would rather play with it or use the spout as a teething toy and chew on it. Actually drink from it? No such luck.

This past week I decided to "up my game." Kaiden still takes a bottle when he first wakes up. Just about 4 oz. So, I have been putting half of the milk in the bottle and giving that to him first then trying to give him the other 2 oz in the sippy cup. He. Freaks. Out. I still offer it to him all through the day. Even still taking the valve out for the first few sips, which he will take willingly. But as soon as I put the valve back in, it becomes a toy.

So, the training continues. I may be down, but by golly, I'm not out. This Momma will win this fight once and for all.


Debra said...

You are a great Mom...and one day you are gonna look back and think...oh to just have to think about sippy cups! tee hee

Honestly, he is just precious!

((hugs)) & blessings to you today!

Melissa Darby said...

I had the same problem! Reagan would not drink Milk out of it for the longest time. My pediatrician told me to stop giving her milk in the bottle and she would take the sippy cup and I didn't believe her, but it worked! The last one to go was the bedtime bottle, we had a harder time with that one.
Just keep in mind, he won't go to kindergrten with a bottle! :) Good luck

Tracy said...

A) You ALWAYS crack me up - so, so funny!

B) You are completely describing what I am going through with my Reagan (and her doc said the same thing.) We're still working on it. She is taking the Nubby sippy better than any of the others, but still wants to mostly chew on it rather than drink out of it.

C) I have a Blog Award for you over at my blog, so stop by when you have a chance! Blessings, friend!

Debra said...


Will you please come to my blog...there is a button on the sidebar. I found a blog makeover giveaway.

I already entered with a poem for you in it but you could enter again and up your chances!

And you can enter every day this week!


FickleMinded said...

we will win eventually alright,it just takes time and more(100x) patience. :)

Tiffanie said...

Humm, I can relate to this post for sure! You just gotta stop giving the bottle. If he wants it bad enough he will figure it out. Did you nurse? How did you get him on the bottle... you could use the same technique to get him off. At first, you could try a cup with a softer spout too.

He'll get there eventually, and your doing great! We all dread those conversations with the ped.

chandy said...

Ooh...I remember those day! My kids only ever nursed and never used a bottle, so when I first handed them a sippy cup, they looked at me like I had 3 heads. Then they tried to lift up my shirt.

I also had much better luck with the Nuby cups. And when Walmart has them on sale, they are very cheap!

Chatty Kelly said...

Okay, this is messy, but buy him the little tiny dixie cups, and start with just water. He will love using them. And spill ALOT. That is why you just use water, and also only when he is in a high chair.

Sippy cups aren't maditory. You can go straight to a cup. OR - get the straw type sippies. Some kids like that better than the spout. My daughter didn't have the "sucking power" to make the spout type work.

Good luck & God Bless.

Mr Lady said...

My kid is THREE. And takes her bottle to bed every night.

Do yourself a BIG favor, and do what's right for you guys, not just what your doc says.

If you're worried, and you want a little advice, you could try using those Avent bottles (I know, they're supposedly the anti-christ, I stopped listening 9 years ago :) ) because they have a nipple can buy replacement nipples that are sippy cup nipples! That way, the kiddo still gets THE bottle, jsut the tip changes.

It. Saved. My. Life.

Good luck!

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

We transitioned both kids from the bottle to sippy cups with the Nuby cups, like Chandy. You can find them at Walmart and the top is so soft, it's an easier transition.

You could also try giving him a little taste of watered down apple juice, then when he wants more, have him watch you pour it into the sippy cup and offer it to him. The issue is likely that he doesn't "get" how to drink from it b/c it's so different from a bottle. I'm a big fan of the Nuby!