Monday, October 6, 2008

Makeover Monday

I need a makeover. Not me, silly, my blog. Well, actually, that is debateable. I could probably use a makeover too, I suspect, but that is definitely for another day.

I would like to get a whole custom blog done at some point, but hey, maybe I'll ask for that for my birthday or Christmas. So, for now, I would like to at least get a custom header done. Mine is so, well, booorrring! I don't have the slightest clue as to how to do this myself, plus I have no programs on my computer that would allow me to achieve this new look, so I am looking to you, my faithful readers, for some advice.

Who have you used that you would recommend to do a design for me, OR is there a way that I can do a pretty cool header by myself without being, ahem, computer savvy?

Of course, I would also be willing to let someone design something for me for *cough* free and I would post your name all over my blog for kudos.

I'm just sayin'.


FickleMinded said...

i would love to help you if only I could but for some reason,I find blogspot too complicated than wordpress,soweee....:(, the only thing can say is try to search the yahoo for free blogger template where all you have to do is to copy/paste it and voila!!!!

Debra said...

Oh Tracey,

I'm so blog illiterate it's not even funny. I would love a header and stuff. I've seen them all over but I'm why am I writing...I guess to say hi and tell you that you are not alone and maybe someone will take pity on us both! haha

Blessings to you sweet sister!

Debra said...


OK...I had a comment posted on my blog today so I went to see this sweet gal and on her blog there was a note "my blog designed by"...such and's the place:

let me know what ya think?

Just me said...

I recommend Jennisa, at

She's terrific! She did my blog design, and she's wonderful to work with! :)

Susan said...

Oh my word of advice - I'm in the same shoes as you, and tried to transfer the code for a "free" template I found on one of the recommended sites... I erased half of my content, so BE CAREFUL. I didn't know how to back up my original, and lost stuff with the "widgets"...UGH. It suckered me in, because now the $30-$50 is worth it. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you pick!

Blessed One said...

You can try "Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates" or "The Cutest Blog on the Block" (google them) and see if either of those are what you are looking for. Just make sure you back-up your blog before doing anything.

On another note - TAG! Stop by my blog when you have a chance. I've tagged you for "5 Reasons Why I Love My Hubby." It is a great opportunity for us to lift up and brag on the hubby the Lord has blessed us with. Blessings! ~ Tracy

Katie said...

You've seen my blog. I can offer no help, whatsoever.

Lindsey said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I do blog design, by the way, for a very affordable price (I do it mostly for a hobby). You can see my portfolio if you go to my blog and click the "Blog Design Button" on the right sidebar. I hope you'll stop by and check it out, or email for a quote. :)

Lindsey, Mommy Chronicles