Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Is It?

Why is it:
  • You plan a great trip that you have been looking forward to forever and the day before you leave you get sick.
  • When you finally get the baby down for a nap (after a very fussy fit) the Fed Ex guy delivers a package and rings the doorbell only to wake the baby. Have you no sense?
  • Your new neighbors invite you over for a "get to know you" dinner on finale night of American Idol. You can't really say, "No thanks, we are busy" because they will see your car in the driveway all night.
  • When you actually get a chance to sleep in, you wake up at 5am anyways.
  • You get in the shortest line in the grocery store, but it ends up taking twice as long as you expected cause the lady in front of you got charged full price for something that she thought was on sale and now the bagger has to go and check to see if there is a sale sign on the shelf that she got it from except now that bagger is having trouble finding it and taking FOREVER.
  • You plan on having a really nice dinner but when hubs comes home he says, "Oh, I'm not that hungry I had a late lunch."
  • You are running late to an appointment and when you jump in the car you notice the gas gage in on empty.
  • You buy something you just have to have now and 31 days later you go back to the store to see that it is on sale. At this point you are past the 30 days, took the item out of the package and threw away the receipt.
  • When you fix yourself cereal for breakfast there is only a drop of milk left.

Why is that? Well, because. That's just my luck.



Great post. Can definitely relate to many things you are saying.

Blessings to you!

Trish said...

Oh the irony!

Blessed One said...

This is hilarious! I think I've experienced everything on the list. Thnaks for sharing!

Katie said...

Don't worry, it's not just your luck.
I have a knack for picking the slowest line in the store, and for cutting someone off to get into the fast lane in traffic, only to have it suddenly be the slow lane. :)

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Ha Ha! I hope all those things didn't happen in one day! :)

Mama's Losin' It said...

Ohhhh so true. I love these.

Elizabeth Channel said...

I don't know but I do know those same things happen to me! Agh!

I tagged you for a fun "quirky" meme. See my site for details!

Becky said...

No matter if it is the "drive thru" bank, the grocery store, or the line to go pee...

I get the longest line every time!

Dang it! ;)

Thanks for stopping by,
The Maid

Susan said...

We must live an identical life... thanks for the laughs...this was hysterical!

LITeacher said...

Great Post! It's so sad that it is all so true!