Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Got New Shoes

I have yet to buy Kaiden his first pair of shoes. There are a number of reasons why I haven't found it necessary for me to go and actually buy any thus far.
  1. I'm cheap.
  2. It's Arizona. And it's hot. Who wants to wear shoes when it's this flippin' hot?
  3. He has only been crawling. Until now.
  4. Did I mention that I am cheap?
Apparently those little feet were made for walking, though, because this past weekend Daddy taught Kaiden to "walk" behind his push truck. Oh boy! I saw life as I know it flash before my eyes. So, I decided it was high time that this boy got some proper shoes to get him going.

What I thought would be a simple task turned out to take priority over the past couple of days. I researched on the Internet and I went to countless stores only to come up empty handed. Who knew that this would be such a confusing process? They're shoes, for goodness sakes, for a (about to be) toddler.

I ended up at the Stride Rite outlet yesterday. The gal there was extremely helpful to a poor mother who had no clue. After trying on a boat load of shoes we finally found the winners. Aaaannnnd, when the gal rang them up, they were half off the outlet price! Score!

Here's little man with his new kicks:

Here he is trying them out for the first time:


Blessed One said...

I'm so with ya on this! Reagan has been barefoot all year and is just now starting to wear shoes when we go out (if I remember to put them on her - I'm getting better). Right now she prefers to eat them rather than wear them. Besides, it is too hot for shoes! And when will we finally drop below the 100's for a few months? (Sorry 'nother topic) Anyway, his shoes look good and it looks like he's ready to get movin' (sorry Mom, I know I'm chasing Reagan like crazy too). Have fun!

Debra said...


He is so adorable. Mine stands 6'4 1/2" and his shoe size is a 13!!!!
sigh!! If you would like a great movie on Netflix put "The Ultimate Gift" on your queue...oh my was great!

Have a blessed day!!

Katie said...

Oh he's so cute. His new shoes look very comfy

ashley said...

best place for shoes, and good pick-aiden had the same pair =)

Lori @ Front Porch Legacy said...

Awww. He's so cute and I bet he loves his new shoes!

Jolly Mom said...

Totally with you on this...Lucas (my 13 month old) did not have any shoes until last month.

BTW-I found your blog on Mom Blogs : )

chandy said...

I never bothered to buy shoes until my kids were both walking, and they were late walkers (like, 18 & 16 months!)

What in the world is cuter than little baby piggies I ask you?

But, those shoes are pretty darn cute...

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

So cute! Coincidentally, I bot my girls their first shoes this week too! Fun (but oh my word, how expensive)!

Lorie said...

He is so cute! I don't put shoes on my kids for a LONG time either. I am in AZ too, so the heat is part of the reason (I pretty much only wear flip flops for 9 months out of the year!) but developmentally it is actually better to let them go bare foot. They use their toes to help them learn to crawl and walk!

So no matter your reason you were doing something good for your kiddos!

(PS I found your blog throught the contest on Mam's Losin' It...just in case you were wondering!)