Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Mayhem

Wow, I am beat today.
Yesterday actually turned out to be a pretty "eventful" day. I mean, for a Monday and all. Maybe that has contributed to my need for a cup 'o joe this fine morning.

We started off Monday at a playgroup. Our playgroups have been few and far between this summer in my Mom's group that I belong to here in our community. People away on vacations, kiddos home from school, and of course, the weather. Everyone is hibernating. So, it was nice to get out, have some adult interaction and let Kaiden play with some of his buds.
But, when I opened the door to leave our house I was met with this:

I had a feeling that there were some birds trying to make a home on our front porch. This weekend I saw some twigs scattered around on the concrete outside my front door. I don't know what it is about our house, but the birds seem to like to make their home here. The problem is this:

Not too long ago we were finding actual baby birds that had fallen out of a nest and died. And not just a couple either. We were going out everyday and finding them on the concrete for a couple weeks. We were so sad. Chris even went up on the roof to see if he could find the nest and maybe relocate it. I'll have to see if he can "encourage" these birds to make a nest somewhere less threatening to their offspring.

So anyways, we got to our playgroup and had a great time (Thanks Davi for hosting!). As the playgroup was coming to and end and Kaiden started to have a meltdown (bless his tired little heart), I knew it was time to go and get him home for a nap. I finally got him down and was starting to make some lunch for myself when a friend of ours from our church neighborhood group called and wanted to know if I wouldn't mind watching her girls for a few hours. I didn't have anything else planned since Kaiden had his fill of activity for the morning (and Mom too!) so I agreed. The girls got here at 1:15ish and stayed until about 6:00. We played with puzzles, played fetch with Paco, watched a movie, ordered a pizza...They were such a joy to watch and certainly kept Kaiden entertained! What good babysitters they were!

About the time that they left Kaiden was ready to go to bed himself. He went down without a fight. He was one tired little boy! This gave me enough time to pick up the house, take my 2nd shower of the day, make hub's lunch for Tuesday, relax a bit and finally make some cookies for hubs who was returning from his business trip. Chris got in around 8:00 and we were able to enjoy some time together while eating our milk and cookies before we retired for the night. It was a long day for both of us and as soon as my head hit he pillow I was in dreamland...ZZzzzzzz.

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Jolie Molino said...

Oh my is that Graciella's girls?? If so they have gotten so big!