Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mission: Organization

When the cats away the mice will...organize?

Hubs left us this morning to go to a conference in D.C. Gone again you ask? Yeah, that's what I'm asking too. I am beginning to think that he doesn't love us and would rather go on his business trip to get away. Heck, can you blame him? There are some days that I would kill to go on a business trip. It actually sounds like a welcomed vacation to me! Although I know that it's quite the opposite. The truth is that he loves us soooo much that he is working his hiney off to keep a roof over our head and food on our table while I sit here and, well, blog. And quite frankly, after the day that I have been having if I want to take 5 minutes out of my evening to vent while Kaiden is finally down to sleep after I have chased him around all day long and after 1/2 hour of napping he started to cry hysterically then decided to throw up all over me, then so be it.

Yeah. All. Over. Me.

I serioulsy don't know what has gotten into me lately. I have this overwhelming urge to organize everything! My house if usually picked up and organized anyway, although I have never been overly obsessive about it. It's the things that you don't see on a regular basis that I need to tackle. I tend to keep my junk strategically stashed away in drawers and closets and file it as a task "I will get to later." Well, we all know how that goes. Then every once-in-awhile I go through a phase where I just want to get everything organized once and for all! Drawers, closets, cabinets, photo albums, garage, you name it.

In a former post I talked about tackling my junk drawer. Well, one of them anyway. I finally got that completed and it gave me hope that I could tackle some of the other items on my "to be organized" list that doesn't seem to be getting any shorter.

This past week I attempted to organize my pictures. This is not quite completed yet as I was going to go to Wal-mart to develop some other pics on my memory card and then my blogging buddy, Chandy, told me about Winkflash. They will develop my pictures for so much cheaper. Aaannnd deliver them right to your door! Now I just have to get, oh, about 200 pictures uploaded to the site. Ugh. But we are moving in the right direction and at least I have phase one completed on that project.

Today I decided to get the toys under control. You know the toys that we keep buying that Kaiden doesn't care to play with because he would rather play with the stereo, or the wires, or the remotes, or my cell phone or the dog's bowl? Yeah, those toys. I have been really wishy washy about buying a toy bin because I just wasn't really sure what I wanted. But while I was at a play date a couple weeks ago they had a one that I thought was fabulous! As I was running some errands yesterday I ended up and Target and found that they had it there. Score! So I busted out my mad handyman skills today and put the thing together. All by myself. Impressed? You shouldn't be. It was so easy that my dog could have done it.


So, I am feeling a renewed sense of accomplishement and am optomistic that I will be able to cross a few more items off of my list. There's the closets to clean out and get the clothes to Good Will, the other junk drawers that need to get cleared out, the boxes in the garage that need to be gone through and thrown out, my craft table that has unfinished projects on it...I better keep going before the wind blows right out of my sail.


chandy said...

We just got that exact same toy storage thing for our playroom. The best thing about it is my kids actually like putting things away in it! Maybe they'll start to clean up after themselves?

And yay for winkflash! You will love it, I promise!

Trish said...

Chris is in DC? For how long?

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

We have that storage unit, too. If you don't care what goes where (and soon, you won't) your kids will be able to quickly throw everything in there to "clean up" and you won't be playing maid all the time. I love that thing!

I love Winkflash, too. And Snapfish. And Shutterfly. And I'm a photo slut, of sorts...did I just say that? I shamelessly use the sites that email me deals and promotions. Free shipping here, 25 free prints shame. Give the free pictures! You know they overcharge as it is...

Tiffanie said...

We have those storage bins/shelves too and they are great! Even the two year old can see where things go and is pretty good at cleaning up. Every once in a while we do let things gt all mixed up, but it still looks organized... and that's what counts right?!

I also clean and organize (or paint) when hubby is gone. He's constantly saying he feels like he's always coming home to a new house. :) He appreciates it though, as I'm sure your hubby will too.