Monday, July 7, 2008

Teething Terror

As the wise Kate Gosselin once said, "I have already decided that today I am going to lose my mind." (Kate Gosselin, ya know, from Jon and Kate plus 8. Come on people, stay with me here.)

Everyone that hates teething raise your hand. I mean, come on, what is up with teething? It's like some sort of sick joke. As if pregnancy and labor wasn't bad enough, we will throw in a few months of no sleep once the baby arrives. Then, just when you think that things are getting better because now he is sleeping through the night, teething begins. Great. Thanks for that.

I feel like Kaiden has been teething forever. He started "teething" at about 4 months, but of course, didn't get any teeth until 6 months. Those first two finally popped through and I think that we had a week or two break where he was back to normal and happy-go-lucky. Then it started all over again. Two months of teething then we finally see some teeth. But the kicker is that he is getting like 4 teeth at a time which makes him extra cranky. So we just came off of a two week "break" and now here we go again...only this time has got to be the worst. I mean, he can't get any crankier than this. Can he? Don't answer that. I don't know if his molars are coming in or what, but for the love, hurry it up, would you! He has his whole fist in his mouth constantly. So, if he isn't crying from the pain he is practically choking himself from shoving his fist down his throat. To make matters worse I feel like I have tried every teething remedy I can think of to no avail. Tylenol...check. Motrin...been there. Orajel...done that. Teething tablets...tried it. Teething rings...double check. Chewing on a cold cloth...negative. It's not affecting his sleep at night (thank goodness for that) and he hasn't gotten any ear infections either. Just a little diaper rash here and there which I can totally deal with. Now nap time is another story. He fights it and fights it and fights it. Then, once I do get him down, he only sleeps for a short amount of time. Clearly not enough time for him and clearly not enough time for me to regroup. I know I will make it through, I know I will make it through, I know I will make it through...

So that is my "woes of motherhood" story for today. Next time you see me I will look (and feel) 10 years older.

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