Monday, July 28, 2008

The smartest man in the world

Our church service this weekend was our last service about the "End Times" in which our pastor preached about what happens when we die. He was talking about how we all will get new bodies when we die, but somehow our loved ones would still recognize us in heaven. He didn't know what we would look like. Maybe we will look like we did in our best year ever or maybe we would look completely different. So, last night hubs and I were in bed reading and I asked the loaded question.

Me: "Who do you hope that I look like when we go to heaven?"
Hubs: "I hope you look exactly the way you look now."
Me: "You don't hope I look like Angelina Jolie?"
Hubs: "Nope. I hope that you look just like you."
Me: "What if you don't recognize me?"
Hubs: "Why wouldn't I recognize the most beautiful woman there?"

Smart man.

A little time went by and I took a break from my new book that I am reading "The Power of a Praying Wife." The book made me wonder if I was being as good of a wife as I could be. I figured I was on a roll so I kept going with my loaded questions.

Me: "Who do you think is the best wife in the world?"
Hubs: "You are."
Me: "Better than Angelina Jolie?" (you see I am on a Angelina kick!)
Hubs: "Of course."
Me: "Better than Britney was to Kevin when they were married?"
Hubs: "By far."
Me: " Better than June Cleaver?"
Hubs: "Ooooo. You know that June Cleaver was the ultimate wife and mother, right?"
Me: "Yes. Am I a better wife than her?"
Hubs: "Yes, honey, you are."

And that, my friends, is why I married him. No one else would put up with me.


Mr. & Mrs. Fegley said...

Does your husband give 'smartest man' lessons? Perhaps men are like wine. Some are great right out out of the bottle, some need some more time in the bottle to develop thier charachter... My vintage may have too much tanin some days but he's the best pairing for me! So glad you met your best pairing too! Hugs to you both!

Blessed One said...

What a wonderful hubby you have. I was drawn to your blog through last weeks Thankful Thursday. I absolutely love the name of it. You have a very enjoyable blog and I intend to visit again! From another AZ Tracy :)