Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pampers Points

I thought I should probably post about Pampers Points because I had no clue about it when we first brought Kaiden home and started buying diapers. I think we probably bought like 10 packs of diapers before someone told me about the program. For all of you mamas out there that are in the dark like I was, this is for you.
Go to Pampers "Gifts to Grow" and sign up. Enter your codes on every pack of diapers or wipes and earn FREE stuff! Woo Hoo!

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The Block's said...

I have 489 Pampers Points since Jack's birth. His daycare teachers would give me points too. I was all psyched because I was going to get him a Kettrike bicycle, then they took it off of the Gifts. the Gifts are kind of lame, but whatever. Think I will use my points to make phot calendars for everyone this Christmas. Word.