Monday, July 21, 2008

National "Blah" Day, Christmas in July and the End Times

So this weekend was pretty blah to say the least. Probably since I have been feeling a little "blah" lately. As a friend of mine put it, it must have been National Blah Day since she too was feeling a little blah herself. I guess blahness is okay on a here and there basis. We can't be chipper all the time. Can we?

So anyways, the plans for the weekend were sounding pretty good on Friday. Chris got an email on from a co-worker that said there was a "Christmas in July" celebration in Glendale. Now if you have ever been to "Glendale Glitters" in December we figured it would be something like that. Vendors, Santa, music, food, etc. Saturday seemed to be the perfect day to go since it has been somewhat overcast we wouldn't be out in the scorching sun like most of the summer has been. We packed up and headed to Glendale. Maybe we got the wrong weekend because there was nothing going on. No vendors, no lights, no Santa, nothing. The only glimmer of Christmas we saw was a few random folks in Santa hats, a few red and green balloons scattered about, one store playing Christmas music and another store doing some face painting for the kiddos. That's it. If you want to call that a Christmas in July celebration I've got news for you. So, we had "linner" (our new word for lunch and dinner combo) and headed home disappointed. Blah.

Then on Sunday we decided to head to the later service at church in which they are doing a series on the End Times. Chris and I have been extremely interested in this subject. We have so many questions as to what will happen in the End Times so we couldn't wait to hear this weeks message about the Tribulation. I must admit I walked out of that service with more questions than when I went in. Basically he gave us four different "scenarios" of what people believe may happen and some basic information so that we can do the research ourselves to figure out what we believe. No real definitive answer. It truly wasn't what I was expecting to hear. So again, blah.

When we got home I tried to put Kaiden down for a nap with no real success so we decided to get out the blow up pool that we had bought for him awhile ago. He LOVES the water and is totally content to sit there and splash. Instead of packing ourselves up every time we want to go to the community pool we figured this blow up pool would be a good time waster right here in our own backyard.

Thank goodness for my little guy lifting my mood a bit when I saw him playing in the water. How can you be blah when you look at a face like that?! I think he may have just saved me from having National Blah week.

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