Monday, June 30, 2008

Rejuvenation weekend

A friend of mine (after having her first little girl) was given a night away at a hotel by her husband for her first Mother's Day gift about two years ago. She spent the day at a spa getting pampered, went out to dinner with her hubs then retreated to her room, alone, to spend the evening by herself. When she told me about her gift (that she was SO excited about) I must admit, I was a little confused. Why would you want to spend the day and night by yourself? Why not with a friend or even with your husband? It wasn't until I became a Mom myself that I TOTALLY understood why she was so excited about that gift. A day by yourself so that you can totally relax without getting up early, hearing crying all day long (by both the baby and your husband!), being able to read without interruption and watch whatever you wanted to on TV. Sounds like total bliss to me! So, when Chris asked me what I wanted for my first Mother's Day gift, it was a no-brainer.

Chris put together a lovely weekend get-away at the Four Seasons resort here in Scottsdale. This past weekend was the big weekend that I decided to "cash in." The plan was that on Friday, Chris, Kaiden and I would head to the resort and spend the day at the pool together. Then were going to have a beautiful dinner at the resort and afterwards "the boys" would spend that night with me in the hotel room. On Saturday, we all would wake up and have breakfast together and then they would leave to go home and I was going to spend the day at the spa and the pool and have that whole day and night to myself. Well, on Thursday a friend of ours from church came over our house in the afternoon for a short visit. I was telling her about our weekend plans and without any hesitation she said, "We will watch Kaiden for the night so that you and Chris can have Friday together." I wasn't expecting that, but believe me, didn't hesitate to take her up on her offer (and she wasn't taking no for an answer anyways!). Without having any family here to babysit, a night alone with my husband hasn't happened since before Kaiden was born 9 months ago! See, we have had so many people offer to watch Kaiden while Chris and I enjoy a date night once-in-a-while. The problem is that we never take anyone up on their offer for fear that we are "imposing." Silly, I know. People wouldn't offer if they really didn't want to take him, but we just "feel bad" and have never followed through. So, when she said that her and her hubs would watch our little guy, and we didn't have a choice in the matter (LOL!), we just did what we were told!

So, after I dropped Kaiden off at our friends home on Friday morning (with my minute-by-minute schedule of Kaiden's day in hand) Chris and I headed for our romantic retreat. The whole weekend was fantastic. Definitely in my Top 5 weekends of all time. The resort was amazing. It was a small, quaint resort set in the desert with amazing views. Each room was a private casita type room with a patio. The food was phenomenal and the service was unsurpassed. Ask and you shall receive. They even had a robe and free slippers in the room for all the guests! It was the perfect mix of things to do. It was fantastic to finally spend a day and night with my husband, alone, to have the chance to reconnect. Something, I now know, that we definitely need to do more often. It was also nice to get pampered at the spa and lounge by the pool to de-stress and reconnect with myself. Sure, there were times when I totally missed my boys at home, and when I worried that things weren't going "according to my directions" that I left, and felt completely guilty because I wasn't at home taking care of things that needed to get done, but I just continued to tell myself to enjoy every moment of the weekend. I know that I needed that time alone so that I would be a better wife and mother when I returned on Sunday.

I told Chris that whenever he is stuck for a gift to get me that he can get me a weekend get-away any time he wants. For Christmas, my birthday, our anniversary, heck, even secretaries day if he chooses. What? As a "Domestic Engineer" I have been known to take on some secretarial duties every now and again. That's a stretch, you say? I think not.

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Mr. & Mrs. Fegley said...

Your weekend retreat sounds awesome! I can't think of a better way to find your balance before taking on the world again! Kudos to Chris for following that old adage- you ask and you shall receive- and to your neighbors for making it a perfect retreat for two. I bet Kaiden was basking in the glow of his mommy and daddy after the weekend!