Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Picture Perfect

I have been wanting to get a family picture taken of us for, like, forever. I have checked out a few photographers and there are so many great ones out there, but come on, $300 for a sitting fee and $10 for every 4x6 that you want to order. Give me a break here people! And I really didn't want to go to some fly-by-night photo stop that makes you stand against some cheesy holiday backdrop. I want quality with a reasonable price tag. Is that too much to ask?
So anyways, one day I am reading a blog by a gal, Katie, that leads the moms group that I got involved in at our church. She posted about another gal in the group, Jolie, that is trying to start her own photography business. Basically, she wants to find willing subjects to photograph so she can start compiling her own portfolio of work. She has to have something to show off her talent to interested "paying" customers in the near future. She is waiving all session fees and giving you a FREE 8x10 of any of the (hopefully) 10 good pics of the session. Plus, if you want to order anything else above and beyond the free 8x10, she will offer those at a discounted price. But, there is absolutely no obligation to order anything extra. Uhh, sign this clan up, sista!
Our session was last Saturday. We arranged to meet Jolie at our community park here in Anthem. We have the fishing ponds, railroad, and many beautiful trees and open spaces that I thought would make for a wonderful setting for our pictures. Well, let me tell you, it just happen to be about 5 million degrees on Saturday and, here we are, in jeans and black shirts! Anything to make our pictures turn out, though, even if it meant sweating bullets in our jeans.
Jolie was a trooper...so easy and pleasant to work with. She made the session fun even though we all felt like we were going to die a slow death here in the Arizona heat. We even got to trade "mommy stories" about the little ones, as she has a Cayden about the same age as our Kaiden. She really does some fabulous work that you can check out on her blog. There is even a sneak peek of two of the pics that she took of Chris, Kaiden and I (the 5th and 6th one down on the page).
We are hoping that some of the other pics turn out just as well because, at her prices, I will definitely be placing an order! Funny how things turn out, huh?

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Jolie Molino said...

Aw Thank you for your great recommendations! and I know I will not be charging $300 for a session and my prices for my prints will likely not go up much at all!!! Maybe not at all! I look forward to taking tons of pictures of Kaiden! Can we say 1st birthday!
I loved working with you guys!