Monday, June 23, 2008

Taking the plunge...into Blogland

So here I go. I am jumping in. With both feet and no floaties. I hope I don’t drown.

After months and months of reading other stay-at-home mom’s blogs and thinking to myself, “Self, you should start a blog to better keep connected with family and friends and to help capture your memories,” I am finally gearing up to give this adventure into blogland a go. My final inspiration came from my cuz’n Trish and her husband, Darren, who just started their blog to keep us up-to-date on their newest adventure of fixing up their first home that they bought outside of D.C. I love to log on and see pictures and read about the day-to-day journey that they are going through. And, had I not had this avenue to stay connected with them, I would probably only get the shortened version the next time we see them. So, thank you Trish...this is all your fault!

So there are a couple reasons why I felt it was finally time to start my own blog.

  1. The other day I was on the phone with a friend of mine who lives 2000 miles away from us. I hadn’t talked to her in, what seemed like forever, but was realistically about a month. So, of course, she asked the familiar question, “So what have you guys been up to?” My response, “Not much.” Not much? Not much? I am up at 4:45am most days (that I am ever-so-motivated) so that I can get a work out in before Chris leaves for work and Kaiden wakes at 6am. Then I am going about my day (at what seems to be a 100 miles per hour) taking care of the house, the baby and running here and there. Finally at 7pm we put Kaiden to bed, clean up the kitchen, pick up toys, fold laundry, etc. until about 8pm when we crash in bed either to watch a quick show or read. Not much? It was then I realized that for those 15 hours that “not much” was going on I was missing out on what was really going on. I am so busy “running” that I am forgetting to slow down and enjoy the little memories that we are making each and every day.

  2. I am not a phone person. There I said it. I actually despise, loathe and detest the thought of getting on the phone. And lets face it, with most of our family and friends spread out everywhere except here, it actually makes it quite difficult to time a phone call correctly. Once I do finally get a free minute to talk most of you are (a) either at work and can’t talk or (b) in bed since you are 3 hours ahead of us. Blogging will eliminate that! You will get to read about what is going on with the Rezapour clan on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (I make no promises as to how often I can keep this updated) and I don't have to get on the much. Okay, okay, I know that it is not the same as hearing our voices every now and again, so I will put aside my hatred of the telephone once-in-a-while and dial your digits.

  3. I am a stay-at-home mom. Aside from the occasional library reading hour with other kids and moms, playgroup get-togethers or lunch with a friend most of my time is spent with Kaiden at the house or out running errands. I don't always have an outlet to speak with other adults. My poor husband gets the brunt of me being home alone all day with Kaiden when he walks through the door and I suddenly want to play 20 questions and have adult conversation. "So how was your day?" "Is traffic bad?" "How's that construction going on I-17?" "Did you have to put out any fires at the office today?" "Kaiden did this or that today." "What do you want to do this weekend?" You get the point. He needs some time to unwind and I am all geared up to hear about the "outside world." So, I guess I figure this will give me a place to "speak" and "get away" from the hustle and bustle of everyday life...if only for a couple of minutes.

So, there ya go. I'll try to stay on top of this so you all can hear of our adventures. We welcome your comments and, yes, still welcome your phone calls!


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Mr. & Mrs. Fegley said...

Whoo hoo! You go girl! Can't wait to get updates about all the 'nothin' you're up to! Hugs, Couz'n T-bird